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North School Increases Cycle Parking Facilities

Home Case Studies North School Increases Cycle Parking Facilities

The North School in Ashford originally contacted Falco back in 2007 as the need to provide a secure cycle parking compound became apparent, due to the increasing amount of students travelling to school by bike. Falco were then able to provide The North School with a variety of different cycle parking solutions that fit within their budget and provide the exact services the North School was looking for. The robust FalcoTel-D was the ideal product identified to accommodate the student’s bicycles. 

Following the success of the first installation and due to a further increase of students commuting to school by bike, in 2009 the school required an additional FalcoTel-D cycle shelter to keep pace with the student’s demands for additional cycle parking.

In addition to the previous two installations The North School then requested a further FalcoTel-D shelter to optimise their current facility as the number of student’s cycling to school continued to rise. The attached images shows our recent installation of the FalcoTel-D cycle parking shelter taken on a crisp autumn afternoon.

The cycle shelter FalcoTel-D is a double sided variant of the FalcoTel-E. With a distinct ‘Y’ shaped section, the FalcoTel-D has great symmetrical lines as well as complimenting the single sided cycle shelter of the range. As an ‘island’ unit, the FalcoTel-D cycle shelter can be used as a stand alone unit or in rows to create a large storage compound. The shelter is constructed using sustainable hardwood and a galvanised steel frame to BS EN ISO 1461. 

Sustainable Hardwood

The pitched roof section channels rainwater to the centre of the structure where it is collected in a gutter and discharged via a drain pipe to ground level, to ensure that users stay dry.

For more information on our FalcoTel series or to view our complete cycle parking and shelter range please contact our sales team on (01538) 380080.

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