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Cycle Hubs

In the UK ‘Cycle Hubs’ is a relatively new concept and is a development of the recent growth in cycling. Essentially, a cycle hub is a cycling centre around which various facilities come together: e.g. cycle parking, bike repair facilities, cycling information - a multiple of services to support the cyclist. A core element is usually cycle parking and Falco has been at the forefront of developing this concept over the last few years.

The Design

Whether manned or unmanned, when thinking of cycle hub design, you need to consider what services you wish to provide to the user. Our experience has taught us that there are four core elements to consider when designing a cycle hub:

1. Information

2. Security and Safety

3. User Facilities

4. Practicalities 


1. Information

A key part of any public service is giving the user good information - make life easy for the cyclist!

• Branding - developing an appealing concept for the facility creates ‘buy-in’ for the users, promoting respect for how people are to use the hub. Create a unique brand or link it to a wider scheme e.g. simple vinyls make a big difference for a low cost.

• Signage - help the cyclist find your hub! Directional and integrated signage at all entrances, paths and routes in the area.

• Information Point - information as a part of the facility: provide leaflets, cycle routes and maps for the cyclist to use. Make the hub an information hub! 

2. Security and Safety

This is core thinking for any cyclist – am I safe? will my bike be safe? If you want people to use the hub, then this is a key aspect, consider the following:

Location - although there is much to think about here, try and position the facility as near to the cyclists ultimate destination as possible.

Visibility - don’t hide your hub! If unmanned try and keep it within visibility of staff, other organisations and the public, could the area be patrolled?

Building Design - what type of hub do you want to provide? A secure store, inside a purpose built building, outside either completely open or with a canopy or roof, as a secure compound or perhaps within an existing building?

Access Types - if the facility is to be secure then what kind of access will be used and how will this be managed - shared key, keypad, swipe card/fob, biometrics; managed or stand alone. Is an ‘airlock’ or turnstile required for single or multiple users?

CCTV - this adds a huge amount of confidence to the cyclist leaving a potentially expensive bike at the hub.

Lighting - even if the facility isn’t 24 hour, dark Winter nights mean the facility needs some form of lighting.

Help Point - if unmanned, perhaps the placing of Help Points would be appropriate.

Cycle Racks - do the racks provide at least two point locking? Are they robust and secure?

3. User Facilities

What’s the difference between a cycle park anda cycle hub? It’s the additional facilities on offer! What standard of facility could you provide your cyclists? Perhaps consider some of the following key facilities:

Cycle Parking - what kind of cycle parking do youwish to offer – Sheffield stands, two tier racks,traditional racks and stands, cycle lockers, perhapseven a bespoke design? How many locking points are required?

Helmet / General Lockers - providing safe secure lockers for bags, helmets and accessories provides a real help to the cyclist.

Pump - whether an electric or manual cycle pump, this is a basic requirement for everyone.

Bike Repair Station - a simple facility incorporating a pump, cycle tools and other useful equipment.

Vending Machine - either floor or wall mounted, a great idea to provide a source of inner tubes, repair kits and other useful cycling paraphernalia.

Litter Bins - a cleaner environment for cyclists to use.

Seating - a simple facility for cyclists to use.

Although this is a list of key cyclist facilities, there is of course much more that can be added to your Cycle Hub design including showers, changing rooms and shops.


4. Practicalities

This is the reality check, the small print if you like. Of course there is the important matter of budgets and what is affordable (and a lot is possible for a relatively modest investment). It is this which drives most things today, but it is important to factor in issues such as: topographical surveys, planning requirements and other restrictions. Although we’ve put this last on the list, these are usually the first things you need to do!

Also at all stages of the development process try and consult with any interested parties to garner as much information and ideas as possible, this not only helps to get momentum and best practise in place, but can also help to avoid any post build issues.

Falco - The Home of Cycle Hubs

Falco has been designing, manufacturing, supplying and installing mass cycle parking facilities for over 50 years. With a Dutch parent company, Falco brings the whole wealth of European knowledge and understanding to it’s UK operations providing best practise and unrivalled experience.

Free Consultancy
Why pay for consultancy when good quality advice is available free through Falco’s experienced design team. We provide:

• Free site surveys

• Free CAD design

• Free advice and consultancy on all aspects of cycle hub design

We have supplied solutions to all sectors of the UK including; Train Operating Companies, Local Authorities, NHS, MOD and the private sector.

AutoCAD, Rendering and Visual DesignFalco provide a comprehensive free design service using dynamic AutoCAD blocks and rendering images to help clients visualise their cycle hub design. 3D rendering graphics are available for all of our cycle hub designs with both internal and external perspectives available. All rendering graphics can be incorporated onto real time photos to provide a bona fide perspective of the cycle hub in real life.   

Innovative Product Range

Falco is an original equipment manufacturer - from basic Sheffield stands to innovative bespoke designs, from stand alone shelters to secure access stores – all are Falco manufactured, so we can control all aspects of supply; plus a range of peripherals such as Repair Stations and Cycle Counters, so make Falco the number one choice for your cycle hub solutions.

Contact Us

For more information about designing cycle hubs or how Falco can assist your cycle hub scheme, please contact our technical sales team on 01538 380080 or by email at



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