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FalcoGamma Double-Sided Cycle Shelter

This is the double-sided version of the popular FalcoGamma series of shelters. The design is also available in a single sided version.

The double-sided FalcoGamma is available for traditional cycle racks (FalcoGamma-Hi) or two-tier cycle racks (FalcoGamma-2Hi).

The modern double-sided variation incorporates a single arm that expands into two upward facing branches. Ideal for areas with limited space as well as mass cycle parking coverage requirements, the FalcoGamma is a complete solid and design-led cycle parking shelter.

The shelter, with bowed styling, is clad with 4mm thick, robust clear polycarbonate sheets.

The height of the FalcoGamma-Hi is 2.10m, the depth is 3.70m, the free height under the gutter is 1.53m and length is 4.00m centre to centre between the stanchions.

The canopy can be mounted as a below ground fix or bolted down using a base plate that is bolted on to a concrete pad or prefab concrete blocks. The concrete block is 1400 x 250 x 315mm under the stanchion, smaller stanchions can be provided with prefab Falco concrete blocks.

FalcoGamma-Hi (for traditional cycle racks)


Height: 2180mm
Free Head Height: 2102mm
Depth: 3702mm
Length: 4040mm

FalcoGamma-2Hi (for two-tier cycle racks)


Height: 3080mm
Free Head Height: 3000mm
Depth: 3702mm
Length: 4040mm 

The double-sided shelter can be extended with add-on sections in 2000mm, 3000mm and 4000mm sections.

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