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FalcoLevel-Premium+ Two-Tier Cycle Rack for e-Bikes

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Go Dutch with the FalcoLevel Premium+ - a gear change in usability and design! 

The FalcoLevel Premium+ is an innovative and user friendly cycle parking system which accommodates twice the number of bicycles compared to any other traditional cycle rack or stand.

Manufactured from robust steel and aluminium, creates a significant reduction in noise pollution, is smoother to operate and is just as easy to park a bike on the upper rack as the lower rack.

eBike Cycle Racks


Compared to traditional two-tier cycle parking systemsthe new aluminium FalcoLevel Premium+ two tier cycle rack from Falco, has some distinct benefits over its cheaper rivals:

  • Significant sound reduction from upper tier removing a large amount of noise pollution.
  • Smoother action for the storage and retrieval of bikes.

  • Has multiple locking points for differing cycle designs.

  • Just as easy to park a bicycle on the upper rack as the lower rack.

  • Better suited for modern bikes with higher and wider handle bars.

  • Lighter to use than steel units making upper tier available to more cyclists.

  • Ergonomic handgrip, with a thicker, warm to touch material that can be lifted with one or two hands.

  • Lower lifting height (of the bike into the gutter).

  • The roll in angle of the bike is less steep.

  • Integrated floating feet for mounting on uneven surfaces.

  • Modular design enables flexible c.t.c. bike spacing measurements.

  • Stylish looking modern European design.


Some key features of the FalcoLevel-Premium+ arise from it’s two year development cycle:

  • The FalcoLevel Premium+ has excellent build quality, typical of a Falco product.
  • Utilises gas struts for easy lifting.

  • Rollers are manufactured from hard wearing nylon with a stainless steel bearing.

  • Adjustable feet for uneven surfaces.

  • Robust welded construction for steel framework - hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 and available in 192 RAL colours.

The FalcoLevel-Premium+ is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Falco also manufacture a range of single sided and double sided shelter and canopy structures ideal for sheltering the two-tier system. All steel parts can be powder coated in any of the 192 standard RAL colours upon request.

e-Bike Charging Points

The FalcoLevel-Premium+ is the UK's first two-tier cycle rack available with e-Bike charging points. Both the single-sided and double-sided versions of this innovative cycle rack can be equipped with integrated charging points - for charging e-bikes on the lower tier only.

Each e-bike charging arm is mounted on the horizontal support bar and is powder coated in an eye-catching 6018 'Yellow Green' RAL colour - to highlight the availability of charging points within the two-tier system. It is also possible to powder coat the horizontal support bar in the same green RAL colour upon request for additional visibility.

Each e-bike charging arm provides accommodation for one or two e-bikes and is available in multiples of four, six or eight. 

A 500mm centre to centre distance can be supplied upon request to provide additional spacing for wider e-bike cycle designs..

It is possible to retrofit the e-bike charging facility to all existing FalcoLevel-Premium+ two-tier cycle rack installations. 

An electrician (supplied seperately) is required to connect the e-bike charging points to a power source. Falco can supply an electrician upon request for an additional charge. 

Two-Tier Cycle Parking for e-Bikes

Two-Tier Cycle Parking for e-Bikes


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