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FalcoLevel-Premium+ Two-Tier Cycle Rack for e-Bikes

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Go Dutch with the FalcoLevel Premium+ - a gear change in usability and design! The FalcoLevel-Premium+ meets the Dutch FietsParKeur standard for secure cycle parking!

The FalcoLevel Premium+ is an innovative and user friendly cycle parking system which accommodates twice the number of bicycles compared to any other traditional cycle rack or stand.

Manufactured from robust steel and aluminium, creates a significant reduction in noise pollution, is smoother to operate and is just as easy to park a bike on the upper rack as the lower rack.


Compared to traditional two-tier cycle parking systemsthe new aluminium FalcoLevel Premium+ two tier cycle rack from Falco, has some distinct benefits over its cheaper rivals:

  • Significant sound reduction from upper tier removing a large amount of noise pollution.
  • Smoother action for the storage and retrieval of bikes.

  • Has multiple locking points for differing cycle designs.

  • Just as easy to park a bicycle on the upper rack as the lower rack.

  • Better suited for modern bikes with higher and wider handle bars.

  • Lighter to use than steel units making upper tier available to more cyclists.

  • Ergonomic handgrip, with a thicker, warm to touch material that can be lifted with one or two hands.

  • Lower lifting height (of the bike into the gutter).

  • The roll in angle of the bike is less steep.

  • Integrated floating feet for mounting on uneven surfaces.

  • Modular design enables flexible c.t.c. bike spacing measurements.

  • Stylish looking modern European design.


Some key features of the FalcoLevel-Premium+ arise from it’s two year development cycle:

  • The FalcoLevel Premium+ has excellent build quality, typical of a Falco product.
  • Utilises ‘Stabilus’ gas struts (world market leader in gas struts as used in the automotive industry).

  • Rollers are manufactured from hard wearing nylon with a stainless steel bearing.

  • Adjustable feet for uneven surfaces.

  • Robust welded construction for steel framework - hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 and available in 192 RAL colours.

The FalcoLevel-Premium+ is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Falco also manufacture a range of single sided and double sided shelter and canopy structures ideal for sheltering the two-tier system. All steel parts can be powder coated in any of the 192 standard RAL colours upon request.

e-Bike Charging Points

The FalcoLevel-Premium+ is the UK's first two-tier cycle rack available with e-Bike charging points. Both the single-sided and double-sided versions of this innovative cycle rack can be equipped with integrated charging points - for charging e-bikes on the lower tier only.

Each e-bike charging arm is mounted on the horizontal support bar and is powder coated in an eye-catching 6018 'Yellow Green' RAL colour - to highlight the availability of charging points within the two-tier system. It is also possible to powder coat the horizontal support bar in the same green RAL colour upon request for additional visibility.

Each e-bike charging arm provides accommodation for one or two e-bikes and is available in multiples of four, six or eight. 

A 500mm centre to centre distance can be supplied upon request to provide additional spacing for wider e-bike cycle designs. Please note, this centre to centre spacing is not FietsParKeur compliant.

It is possible to retrofit the e-bike charging facility to all existing FalcoLevel-Premium+ two-tier cycle rack installations. 

An electrician (supplied seperately) is required to connect the e-bike charging points to a power source. Falco can supply an electrician upon request for an additional charge. 

Two-Tier Cycle Parking for e-Bikes

Two-Tier Cycle Parking for e-Bikes

FietsParKeur Standard

The new upgraded FalcoLevel-Premium+ two-tier cycle parking rack has been designed to meet the rigorous demands of the Dutch National standard for secure cycle parking ‘FietsParKeur’.

The FietsParKeur standard was set up in 1993 by the Dutch Cyclists Union ‘Fietsersbond’ to campaign for better cycling conditions in the Netherlands. The movement has gathered momentum and it’s now easy to see why the Dutch are one of the worlds best cycling nations.

The FietsParKeur standard is made up of a series of stringent assessments which aims to eliminate poorly designed, flimsy, unsecure cycle parking and increase best practice by overseeing the user-friendliness, sturdiness, security, durability and lifespan of cycle racks.

The FietsParKeur standard analyses the following brief criteria:

  • The user friendly aspect of positioning a bike onto the two-tier rack.
  • The ease of use in locking a bike to the two-tier rack.
  • The chances of any damage to the bike, cyclist or third party.
  • The level of durability including crack resistance.
  • Availability of information about the two-tier system.
  • The FietsParKeur standard is compliant for both centre to centre distances of 375mm and 400mm of the FalcoLevel-Premium+ rack which fits perfectly with the UK market where cycle storage space is often ‘at a premium’.

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