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FalcoCargoPod Hangar

Cargo, Adaptive and e-Bikes

The NEW FalcoCargoPod is a purpose designed storage solution to meet the growing trend for cargo and adaptive bikes. Taking the original FalcoPod Bike Hangar a stage further, the FalcoCargoPod has been redesigned to provide universal accessibility for the wide range of cargo and adaptive bike shapes and sizes.

Already very common across Europe; cargo bikes, adaptive bikes and e-bikes are now making a real impact in the UK. With the recent uptake in cycling, coupled with more investment in cycle infrastructure, the conditions are improving for all cycling modes and that includes cargo, adaptive and e-bikes.

This theme is echoed in two key documents; the Wheels for Wellbeing ‘Guide to Inclusive Cycling’ and the latest guide from Sustrans ‘Cycling for Everyone’. These guides cover a number of themes including creating infrastructure which suits non-standard bikes - adaptive, cargo, recumbent, tandem, tricycle, oversized, upright … all these have one thing in common, non-of them follow any standard bicycle silhouette.

One Size Fits All

So a key element of the design brief for the new FalcoPod bike hangar was inclusivity and to meet this need we have developed the FalcoCargoPod, a ‘naked’ Bike Hangar with an extended depth for accommodating two longer cargo bikes. The focus here was twofold; the additional space not only provides for a ‘one size fits all’ capacity which accommodates virtually all non-standard bike profiles e.g. with an upright seating position or a wide tandem, but also the addition of flexible locking bars on the hangar frame makes the FalcoPod much more compliant in terms of accommodating the diverse locking requirements of the adaptive family of bikes.

Features and Benefits of the FalcoCargoPod bike hangar:

  • Size - Houses two longer cargo bikes thanks to its extended depth. 
  • Cargo / adaptive bike option is available along with the e-cargo hire scheme.
  • E-bikes – the FalcoCargoPod has the option to integrate charging points for the latest e-bike designs.
  • Family inclusive – with an ergonomically better designed space - the additional space/height means there is no need to remove child seats from the back of some bikes or baskets and seats on the front.
  • Environmentally sustainable - manufactured from 100% recyclable hot-dip galvanised robust steel to BS EN ISO 1461.
  • Colour options - the FalcoCargoPod is delivered with a powder coated roof cladding to your specification, choose from any of the 192 RAL colours.
  • Visibility – the hangar is fitted with highly reflective marine grade Solas tape to each corner of the frame.
  • Personalise - the FalcoCargoPod by adding logos, graphics, maps - the flat surface is much better able to receive graphics and vinyls than corrugated cladding.
  • Safety - the FalcoPod has been successfully impact tested at 20mph to ensure it will withstand a low speed vehicular impact and is much more robust that current products for on-street use (see the video here:
  • Meets European CPR Regulations EN 1090 for snow loading.
  • Cladding – can be fitted with ‘solid’ sheet, pierced steel or mesh (standard) side cladding.
  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO 1461 Hot-Dip Galvanising, ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and EN 1090 CE Mark. 
  • Lock options – the FalcoPod accepts a number of futureproof locking options including:
    • Latest high security anti-vandal lock.
    • Master key (single key for all bike hangars).
    • Electronic smart phone ‘App’ access option, please see our video here: - as mentioned the lock fitted to the FalcoPods is capable of being upgraded to the electronic version (rather than having to swap it out completely) if at some point you would wish to go to this option.

FalcoSmart Logo

As with all Falco cycle stores and lockers, the FalcoCargoPod can be fitted with the FalcoSmart app based locking mechansim, completely removing the need for physical keys.

The FalcoSmart app-based locking system uses Bluetooth technology to activate the locking mechanism from the users smart phone or tablet with the benefit that they no longer need to carry keys or fobs. Cyclists are able to apply for access to the hub and having downloaded the ‘App’ are given access rights to the FalcoCargoPod for a period of time depending on their subscription.

The system has a fully automated back office enabling the administrator to register new locks for new cycle stores as well as adding new users and creating groups and assigning rights. A huge benefit to the operator is that they are able, for the first time ever, to assess usage of a cycle parking facility, directly from the back-office app information.

The FalcoSmart app-based locking system is designed to work with any cycle parking facility; from bike hubs to bike hangars and from padlocks to existing facilities, with a range of locking options all linked to the app and back-office. Each of the facilities enable the user to access any facility for example, their local bike hangar and their commutable hub without the need for multiple keys or fobs – everything is on the app. As a result of its importance to Falco and our clients we now have a patent pending on this concept (application number GB2012118.2).

For more information about the FalcoCargoPod or how Falco can asisst your cargo bike storage scheme, please contact our helpful sales team on 01538 380080.

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