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FalcoPod Bike Hangar Prices Frozen for 2021
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News & Blog 27 Sep 2021

We are delighted to announce that despite the current problems with raw material prices and lead-times on stocks Falco has had no price increases on its FalcoPod Bike Hangars. Falco is a Europe-based OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) supplier, we; design, manufacture, deliver and install all our cycle parking products in-house and as such have full control over our stocks and supplies.

The FalcoPod bike hangar is the most family friendly bike hangar available, with an ergonomically better designed space - the additional space/height means there is no need to remove child seats from the back of bikes or baskets and seats on the front.

Additionally the FalcoPod can be delivered in any colour as well as the standard green, so if you’re developing a network of bike hangars, why not colour code each area or user group? Plus the smooth, flat surface is much better able to receive graphics and vinyls than corrugated cladding – so why not include logos, graphics or maps?

The FalcoPod is also the most robust bike hangar on the market having been successfully impact tested at 20mph to ensure it will withstand a low speed vehicular impact see our test video here: Alternatively if you wish to house an e-bike network the FalcoPod can easily be fitted with charging points.

FalcoSmart – the FalcoPod is also capable of being handsfree with access to the bike hangar being done using our app - see our video here: As a result of its importance to Falco and our clients we now have a patent pending on this concept (application number GB2012118.2).

For more information about the FalcoPod bike hangar or how Falco can assist your cycle parking scheme, please contact our helpful sales team on 01538 380080.

bike hangar
Bike Hangar
Bike Hangar
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