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Falco Partners with Modeshift to Support Sustainable Travel
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News & Blog 28 Feb 2024

Falco becomes official partners with Modeshift in a bid to promote the use of sustainable travel throughout the UK. Modeshift is a national membership organisation that specialises in active and sustainable travel and provides behaviour change support for those working with children, young people, families, school communities, educational establishments and places of work. Modeshift seeks to influence national debate, government policy and public opinion and works with organisations to achieve two common goals:

  • To increase active and sustainable modes of travel journeys.
  • To support the provision of skills, training and experiences to enable young people to travel more actively, safely and independently.

Falco Modeshift Membership

Modeshift is led by a Management Board of twelve voluntary members who are transport practitioners and leaders in the field of sustainable travel.

  • Established in 2007, Modeshift is a not for profit membership organisation
  • Modeshift support sustainable travel professionals and organisations from a range of areas to promote and grow levels of active and sustainable travel for businesses, education establishments and communities
  • Modeshift do this by offering services and opportunities to share and recognise best practice
  • Modeshift also provide a centre of excellence for Travel Planning and deliver the national Travel Plan accreditation scheme – Modeshift STARS

Over the forthcoming months, Falco will work closely with Modeshift to promote the use of cycling and sustainable travel.

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