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EST e-Cargo Bike Grants Scheme Launched – Falco’s Range of Cargo/eCargo Bike Stores
News & Blog 19 Aug 2021

This month the Energy Saving Trust launched a new eCargo Bike Grant Fund whereby £400,000 has been made available by the Department for Transport in 2021/22 for the purchase of eCargo bikes, to support businesses switching to a sustainable transport solution. In support of the growth in cargo bikes, Falco has a full range of four Cargo and eCargo bike storage solutions offering secure bike parking for every type of cargo bike individually or as a fleet:















 3.9m and extendable

Each of these solutions can be fitted with either; eBike charging points or a secure eBike battery charging unit for removeable batteries where the potentially unstable Lithium batteries can be deposited in a secure fire-proof charging locker.. Additionally there is a range of secure locking options including the FalcoSmart App-based locking system so that access to the bikes can be controlled by the scheme administrator and users can get access via a phone app.

Cargo Bike Storage Shelters

Cargo Bike Storage Shelters

Complementary to the access systems, the addition of flexible locking solutions in the stores makes them much more compliant in terms of accommodating the diverse locking requirements of the adaptive family of bikes and the Falco cargo lockers can be fitted internally with a number of bike locking options including:

 a) Locking Bars

 b) Sold Secure Chains

 c) Ground Anchors

The Falco range of cargo bike stores are also ideal for non-standard and adapted bikes including: adapted, recumbent, tandem, tricycle, oversized and upright cycles.

The EST funding covers up to 40% of the total cost of an eCargo bike, up to a maximum of £2,500 for two-wheel models and £4,500 for three-wheel models, with applications be capped at five bikes per organisation. Larger applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Plus applications may include more than one organisation, whereby in these joint ‘high-street’ applications, a lead applicant will be responsible for submitting the application. The application deadline is 14 December 2021.

The claim deadline is 14 February 2022. eCargo bikes do not need to have been delivered for the grant to be paid. The eCargo Bike Grant Fund 2021/22 is open for applications now and more information about the EST grant scheme can be found here:

For more information regarding Falco’s extensive range of eCargo bike stores or bike hangars please call our helpful sales team on 01538 380080.

FalcoCargoBox Cargo Bike Shelter
Cargo Bike Shelter
FalcoLok-250 Cargo Bike Shelter
FalcoLok-250 Cargo Bike Shelter
Cargo Bike Shelter
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