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Warrington Station Receives Extra Secure ‘FalcoCam-Plus’ Cycle Stands and Cycle Wheel Ramps!

Home Case Studies Warrington Station Receives Extra Secure ‘FalcoCam-Plus’ Cycle Stands and Cycle Wheel Ramps!

Falco has recently installed a series of multi-use cycle parking systems and cycle wheeling ramps for FTPE Warrington Central Railway Station in Cheshire.

Falco has designed, manufactured, supplied and installed; 40 spaces of our new extra secure, powder coated FalcoCam-Plus cycle stands, a further 20 FalcoLevel two-tier cycle parking spaces with powder coated wheel sliders, 10 FalcoToaster cycle spaces and over 17m of cycle stair wheel ramp.

Our secure FalcoCam cycle stands are now even more secure!

Working closely with the client, Falco was asked to modify our flagship FalcoCam cycle stand to add a further level of customer assistance to make the cycle stands even easier and convenient for cyclists to use. An integrated chain, locked utilising an innovative coin return mechanism, was added so that cyclists who had limited or no access to a secure lock could still safely secure their bike. The cyclist simply parks their bike as normal, inserts a £1 coin into the lock, secures their bike using the chain supplied and removes the key. The cycle is now parked securely until removed using the same key. The cycle stand can be used for as long as required and the cyclist receives their £1 back as soon as the key is returned.

Falco Cycle Wheel Ramps

Falco wheel ramps provide a simple and practical solution for manoeuvring bikes up and down steps with ease. The ramps can be manufactured to a bespoke length making them suitable for any set of stairs and can be powder coated for additional visibility. The cycle wheel gutters also have grip tape to provide a safer experience for the cyclist.

Operated by First TransPennine Express, Warrington Central is one of two stations serving Warrington and is located on the southern route of the Liverpool to Manchester line and situated half way between the two cities. Warrington Central has a passenger usage of 1.6 million each year and with cycling increasing in the area, the additional cycle racks provide rail users with the capacity they need.

For more information on our extra secure FalcoCam-Plus cycle stands or our practical cycle wheel ramps, please contact our helpful sales team on 01538 380080.


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