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The Big Switch On – Nine Falco Cycle Counters Go Live!

Home Case Studies The Big Switch On – Nine Falco Cycle Counters Go Live!

Nine cycle counters and one master data counter installed last month by Falco throughout Scotland, are due to go live! The Cycle Counters installed on behalf of Sustrans are the first of their kind in Scotland and will allow cyclists to view the number of cyclists passing the counter that day as well as over the course of the year.

The Scottish Government is aiming to have 15% of all commuter journeys in the capital made by bike by 2020 and the bike counters will provide key data on the increase of cycling traffic.

As well as collecting crucial transport data, the Cycle Counters are also being used by the Scottish Government as a promotional device to encourage the use of pedal power. The technology is being used to identify the current number of cyclists within nine areas of the country and to monitor how this is likely to grow over the next few years.

The Cycle Counters are located at:

  • Edinburgh, Middle Meadow Walk
  • Glasgow, Anderston
  • Coatbridge, Bank Street
  • Stirling, Laurencroft Road
  • Benderloch, Lochnell Primary School
  • Inverness, Millburn Road
  • Perth, North Inch Park
  • Union Canal, Edinburgh Quay
  • Clydebank, Whitecrook Street
  • Scottish Government Victoria Quay Office, Leight, Edinburgh (Master Data Counter)

The state-of-the-art Cycle Counters, manufactured by ITS Teknik, are a Danish concept brought to the UK by Falco.

There are 44 Cycle Counters installed in 9 European countries which are being used effectively in promoting and monitoring the use of cycle traffic.

Edinburgh and Glasgow now join numerous European cities including Copenhagen, Viborg, Aalborg, Oslo, Dublin, Apeldorn, Hamar, Tampere, Lidingö and Deventer who already have the Cycle Counters installed on busy commuter routes. A recent research project was undertaken by the Copenhagen Government, who have used the cycle counters to monitor how weather conditions affect the number of cyclists commuting to work by bike through the capital.

The counter also has other functionality such as; information updates, measuring a cyclists speed and provide data on distances to transport hubs or provide current traffic information such as the next train to leave.

Inside the Cycle Counter

At the core of the Cycle Counter is a Generic Traffic Controller (GTC). This is an advanced traffic controller which is flexible, reliable and scalable and will interface with the high quality detector technology. The GTC can operate as a standalone unit or as part of an integrated networked system of controllers, interfacing with other Cycle Counters as well as a number of different types of traffic signs, ranging from simple flash lights and ‘lane markers’ to advanced information displays.

When configured as a Cycle Counter, the GTC can provide a number of functions depending on the configuration of the Counter. It is equipped with a modem and SIM card which provides a platform for mobile data to be exported to a central data collection system.

The system is self-monitoring, which means that error detection, display and internal processes are identified and information is sent via e-mail to defined user groups. The system can be configured to send daily e-mail(s) regarding operational status and cycle traffic counts. Optionally centralised monitoring via the Internet can be offered; by means of a web browser where you can go to and check the status of a cycle counter any time.

The customer also has the opportunity to have an integrated display of counting data at the client’s own website using an iFrame. Additional functionality is also possible from the Cycle Counter’s Web feed and linked to a client’s website.

For more information about the state-of-the-art Cycle Counter, please contact our helpful sales team on 01538 380080.

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