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Swedish Installation of the Month - Trollhattan Travel Centre

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Despite the UK’s Brexit situation, Falco has strong links in many European countries where cycling is a much more established form of transport. Each month this year we will aim to bring you a project from one of our sister companies around Europe, so this month let’s go Swedish!

Modulkonstruktion AB is Falco’s partner in Sweden and is our fastest growing export representative, matching the growth of cycling in the country. Modulkonstruktion has been distributing Falco products since 2011 and has since completed some of the largest cycle parking projects in Sweden.

The Swedish Government is investing millions of pounds each year to promote cycling as a key mode of transport, with e-Bikes being a top priority. In fact the Swedish Government has budgeted €97m over the next three years for e-Bikes alone, ranking Sweden as one of the worlds leading countries in cycling excellence.

Modulkonstruktion is one of the key cycle parking suppliers to the Swedish market, providing hundreds of locations up and down the country with industry leading cycle parking infrastructure designed by Falco. The latest flagship installation involves the new ‘FalcoScandic’ cycle hub – a purposely designed cycle hub specifically for the Swedish market!

Modulkonstruktion recently supplied and installed the timeless cycle hub at ‘Trollhattan Travel Centre’ – a transport hub incorporating a railway station and bus terminal in the city of Trollhattan.

The 128 space cycle hub, based on the new FalcoScandic design, was purposely built for the Swedish market and features a  reinforced construction to resist areas within Sweden where extreme weather conditions such as heavy snow loading is a critical issue.

The cycle hub has also been kitted out with 128 spaces of FalcoLevel-Eco double stacking cycle rack, powder coating, branding graphics, CCTV, lighting and automatic sliding doors.

The FalcoScandic is manufactured from a 100% recyclable steel frame structure which meets the European regulations EN 1090 for steel structures and is weather protected using hot dip galvanising in accordance with BS EN ISO 1461, with Aluzinc roof sheets and reinforced safety glass. As a result the cycle hub is able to accommodate a snow load capacity of 200kg per square metre!

For more information about the FalcoScandic cycle hub please click here.

Swedish Cycle Parking Installations

Here is a link to some great projects undertaken by our partners, Modulkonstruktion, featuring a wide range of cycle parking installations:

For more information about the Swedish installation please contact our helpful sales team on 01538 380080. All Falco european installations can be easily brought to the UK with turnkey project management including free CAD design and site visits and a full supply and installation service.

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