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First Cycle Counter Displays in the UK

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Falco is pleased to have been working with Brighton and Hove City Council to install the first dedicated cycle counter displays in the UK. Installed in time for their launch at Bike Week, two cycle counters will record cycling traffic in two key locations in the city – Surrenden Park and Moulsecoomb. Pictured is showing his ‘count’ is Paul Avis, a local cyclist with a keen interest in cycling developments in the area.

Brighton is keen to increase its cycling population and the new counters will help traffic managers monitor the times and density of cycling traffic. Additionally the Falco cycle counters also provide the cycling public along with other road users the opportunity to see for themselves on the LED display how their presence contributes to the information. 

The counts are also relayed via a 3G router, back to the JourneyOn website in real time so that users can monitor cycling traffic via the internet, looking at trends and daily figures. For the traffic management team the cycle counters can provide a huge amount of useful data for analysing cycle behaviour. By recording each cyclist at the time and date it passes the counter, it is possible to build up a very valuable data bank of information.

The purpose of the Falco Cycle Counter is to show the number of cyclists on a bicycle path. It shows the number of cyclists per day and year. At the top of the Counter there is a clock indicating time and date. On the reverse it is possible to show city map or other information, alternatively for a two-way bicycle path it is possible to have display on both side of the unit.

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