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FalcoPathfinder LED Lights for Glasgow City Council

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Falco has recently supplied and installed a series of twenty nine FalcoPathfinder LED solar powered cycle path lights in Queen’s Park in Glasgow. Due to the quality of the light each unit is installed at 20m intervals along a tarmac pathway between Langside Avenue and Balvicar Drive providing a full stretch of illuminated guidance. The lighting units are a much welcomed addition to the park providing wayfinding assistance, segregation and demarcation for cycle traffic.  They also provide a frost warning at each entrance by blinking when the temperature drops below 2°C.

Developed in Denmark, one of the homes of modern cycling, the FalcoPathfinder has been installed throughout Scandinavia and Europe, where these revolutionary, low cost LED lights provide tried and tested , solar powered LED demarcation lighting for cycle routes. The standalone unit provides outstanding wayfinding assistance for dedicated cycle tracks and enhances road marking for traffic demarcation purposes, segregating cyclists from vehicular traffic.

The FalcoPathfinder is an exceptionally easy product to install taking just a couple of minutes and making minimal impact on the tarmac surface - please watch the step by step video at the bottom of the page or by visiting this link to see just how easy the installation process is! The FalcoPathfinder lights project can be completed in a day so that that evening cyclists have a perfect wayfinding route which will last many years. The benefits of the FalcoPathfinder LED cycle path light include:

  • Purpose designed for commercial use on cycle paths, roads and pedestrian walkways as opposed to residential use in garden decking etc.


  • The FalcoPathfinder features four built in LED lights with two located on either side of the unit. This means you only need one FalcoPathfinder for both directions.


  • Programmable with one to four built-in LED lights, colours; white, yellow, green, blue and red.


  • Also the two lights can be any colour so that e.g. you can have both a green and a red light in the same unit, pointing the same way, to provide demarcation/ segregation.


  • It is capable of up to 4000 hours of operation after a single charge rather than just 400 as with other products.


  • The FalcoPathfinder is flush mounted so that snow ploughs and street cleaning vehicles will not damage them.


  • The FalcoPathfinder is designed to eliminate ambient light so that bats and other sonar using animals are not affected - this also reduces general light pollution.


  • Robust design to withstand loads of up to 20 tonnes. Resistant to heavy vehicles such as; lorries, snow ploughs, road sweepers and gritters (when set flush into the surface).


  • Mounting is only 7mm into tarmac so that there is no requirement to core drill out large deep holes which are then subsequently difficult to fill.


  • Has an optional frost warning so that LED’s blink 2Hz in temperatures of +2°C to -10°C.


  • Visibility distance of over 1km in the dark.


  • Large solar Panel Dimension: 80mm long x 90mm wide.


  • Battery Life: 5 to 10 years.


  • Visibility distance: over 1km (over 0.6 miles) in the dark.


  • Intelligent on/off switch (sleep function).


  • Charging is possible when the sun is in a position of 10 degrees over the horizon.


  • Intelligent battery charging, so that even small amounts of sunlight charges the battery.


  • Provides small light at dusk increasing to full power at night.


  • Completely wireless without the need for cables, wires or an electricity supply.


  • Waterproof IP 68 (can withstand seawater).


  • Withstands temperatures ranging from -40 to +80 degrees Celsius.


  • Designed to operate through the three month long Nordic Winters.


  • Simple to install - takes minutes (glued on top of surface or embedded flush into the road surface).


  • More cost effective than other products by being placed farther apart.


  • Directional light aids wayfinding also means no light pollution.


  • Have much less impact on wildlife than traditional lighting.


  • No operational costs.


  • Can serve to highlight barriers / bollards in the path, changes in alignment and the edge of a path adjacent to a river.

For more information about the FalcoPathfinder solar powered LED light, please contact our helpful sales team on 01538 380080.

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