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Falco Partners with Solarcycle to Launch Cycle Shelters with 100% Solar Renewable Energy E-Bike Charging

Home Case Studies Falco Partners with Solarcycle to Launch Cycle Shelters with 100% Solar Renewable Energy E-Bike Charging

In a groundbreaking effort to promote sustainability, Falco UK has teamed up with Solarcycle UK to introduce 100% renewable solar energy e-bike charging stations within their portfolio of secure and sustainable cycle parking facilities. The inaugural installation of this innovative system has been completed at NHS Wales Ystradgynlais Community Hospital, aligning with the hospital's Active Travel and Green Plans.

Falco UK is the UK’s leading supplier and installer of secure cycle hubs, cycle shelters, bin stores, and street furniture. Solarcycle stands out with its award-winning world-first, off-grid, ‘solar-in-a-box’ e-bike chargers, offering green, renewable energy for e-bike charging. The collaboration between Falco UK and Solarcycle directly addresses the growing demand for accessible e-bike charging, providing businesses and organisations with an innovative, safe, and environmentally sustainable solution.

NHS Powys Teaching Health Board chose the FalcoZan-180 shelter coupled with Solarcycle’s e-bike charging system at Ystradgynlais Community Hospital, for its immediate environmental benefits and minimal disruption. The open and spacious FalcoZan-180 shelter fits seamlessly with the Solarcycle system, providing the client with solar-powered and off-grid e-bike charging – a system that requires no mains connection or trenchworks and generates no ongoing energy costs, providing free e-bike charging for all staff. The collaboration with Solarcycle showcases Falco UK’s dedication to pioneering innovation and constant evolution of its cycle hubs and shelters to support businesses and organisations in their decarbonisation efforts.

Solar e-Bike Charging

Solarcycle’s unique Reporting Function tracks the kWh of free, 100% renewable solar energy dispensed, enabling organisations to estimate how many carbonless miles have been generated by the organisation. As the only off-grid solar e-bike charging system with this feature, Solarcycle sets itself apart in the market.

The FalcoZan-180 shelter as shown here, is manufactured from a combination of hot-dip galvanised steel with safety glass cladding. Combining creativity with practicality, the new eye-catching cycle shelter sits conspicuous within the hospital grounds and provides up to six secure spaces of cycle parking for staff use.

Commenting on the new installation Lloyd Morgan, Capital Programme Manager for Powys Teaching Health Board, said “As we deliver our Health Board’s strategy for a Healthy Caring Powys, it is important as ever to measure, analyse and minimise the impact of our business on the biodiversity and sustainability within our operating areas. The recent installation of the Falco Solarcycle solar powered e-Bike charging points fits perfectly in with our values and commitments surrounding clean energy and also ensures that we remain at the forefront of new, green innovations. To be able to install these charging facilities without the need for any enabling works or mains electrical connections was also a real bonus for us from an operational standpoint and it’s been great to see our cyclists charging their bikes using 100% clean energy”.

Falco’s Managing Director, Rob Harper, added “At Falco UK, sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Our partnership with Solarcycle underscores our commitment to environmental stewardship, aligning seamlessly with Falco UK’s mission and strategic objectives. We do a lot of work in Scotland, where grid constraints can pose challenges, and we are developing cycle hubs along the west coast to support sustainable travel including tourism, so the off-grid nature of Solarcycle's system stood out as a pivotal factor in our decision. Together with Solarcycle, we're not just building cycle hubs; we're shaping the future of sustainable transportation infrastructure”.

The annual CO2 savings from carbon-free commuting with e-bike travel and Solarcycle charging are substantial. An organisation with 25 employees and a 15% e-bike adoption rate can save 3,252,000g of CO2 annually. This saving increases to 16,260,000g of CO2 for an organisation with 100 employees and reaches a staggering 731,700,000g of CO2 for an organisation with 4,500 employees.

Falco UK is a proud member of the NHS Shared Business Services Framework Agreement to provide cycle parking facilities to the NHS and public sector bodies. The framework is free to access for UK Public Sector organisations and provides a quick, simple, and compliant procurement route to market for sustainable Transport and Infrastructure solutions for the NHS and the wider public sector.

Falco UK and Solarcycle UK are setting a new benchmark in sustainable travel with their solar-powered e-bike charging solution. This innovative partnership addresses the growing demand for eco-friendly commuting, offering a cost-effective and disruption-free system that benefits both the environment and employees. By harnessing 100% renewable energy, organisations can track their sustainability progress and make a tangible impact on reducing carbon emissions. Falco UK and Solarcycle’s collaboration is a game-changer, driving the future of green transportation infrastructure.

For more information about Falco UK’s solar powered e-Bike charging solution installation for NHS Wales Ystradgynlais Community Hospital please contact our helpful sales team on 01538 380080.

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