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Falco Launches UK’s First Cycle Hub with FalcoSmart App-Based Lock

Home Case Studies Falco Launches UK’s First Cycle Hub with FalcoSmart App-Based Lock

This week, Bedford Borough Council took delivery of the UK’s first ever cycle hub to feature an app-based locking mechanism. The contemporary designed FalcoHub facility located in the shopping district of Bedford town centre was manufactured and installed by Falco and features the first ever UK application of an app-based locking and booking system.

The FalcoSmart app-based locking system uses Bluetooth technology to activate the locking mechanism from the users smart phone or tablet with the benefit that they no longer need to carry keys or fobs. Residents are able to apply for access to the hub via the Council and having downloaded the ‘App’ are given access rights to the cycle hub for a period of time depending on their subscription – and here at Bedford it’s free to residents!

FalcoSmart App Based Padlock

The system has a fully automated back office enabling the administrator to register new locks for new cycle stores as well as adding new users and creating groups and assigning rights. A huge benefit to the local authority is that they are able for the first time ever to assess usage of a cycle parking facility, directly from the back-office app information.

The FalcoSmart app-based locking system is designed to work with any cycle parking facility; from bike hubs to bike hangars and from padlocks to existing facilities, with a range of locking options all linked to the app and back-office. Each of the facilities enable the user to access any facility for example, their local bike hangar and their commutable hub without the need for multiple keys or fobs – everything is on the app. As a result of its importance to Falco and our clients we now have a patent pending on this concept (application number GB2012118.2).

FalcoSmart App Based Padlock

The FalcoHub is the UK’s leading modular cycle parking hub, enabling both public and private organisations to provide a cost-effective yet contemporary designed facility able to house from 8 bikes upwards into the hundreds. The cycle hub is also the UK’s most secure public cycle parking facility available and now with the FalcoSmart app-based locking, the most technologically advanced!

Falco cycle hubs can also incorporate a world of features including; smart LED lighting, green sedum roofs, CCTV and Help Point facilities as well as numerous other cost-effective features for the cyclist such as lock holders, helmet lockers, seating and bike repair facilities. For more information about the FalcoHub cycle store, a demonstration of the FalcoSmart app-based lock, the FalcoPod bike hangar or any other Falco product, then please speak to one of our friendly customer service staff on (01538) 380080.

Bedford Borough Council Before & After


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