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Falco Cycle Lockers roll out on Tram Network!

Home Case Studies Falco Cycle Lockers roll out on Tram Network!

Last month Falco delivered the first batch of FalcoSafe cycle lockers for Phase 3 of the Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) tram system. The contract which runs to 2015, includes supplying cycle lockers to every tram stop on the TfGM Metrolink network and transport hubs. Falco won the contract to supply cycle lockers in 2011 and has been installing lockers on the existing Phase 1 and 2 routes throughout the county. Now as the Phase 3 extensions begin completion, the FalcoSafe lockers are being progressively installed at each station.

The lockers have been specially modified to become part of the TfGM BLUC (Bike Locker Users Club), an innovative TGfM cycle locker scheme to promote cycling across Greater Manchester via the transport networks. The design initially for over 200 lockers, enables BLUC users to access their bike, whilst at the same time providing TfGM management with an innovative over ride system to access lockers in case of emergency.

BLUC is a cycle parking scheme to encourage people to use their cycles to travel to train, Metrolink and bus stations and town centre locations across Greater Manchester. You can use any BLUC locker within the scheme, so you are not restricted to one particular locker, more information is available at:

FalcoSafe Cycle Locker

The FalcoSafe cycle locker is a robust and secure cycle locker unit and comes in two standard sizes - one for cycles and one for mopeds. The cycle or moped is protected within the cycle locker from the destructive effects of vandals and weather.

The perforated sides mean that the contents remain visible for security whilst eliminating unpleasant odours through good ventilation. Side wall perforated panels are contoured for extra strength. The individual design is completed with the gable roof; to deter roof access. A huge variety of stylish colour combinations are also available.

The cycle is pushed into the cycle locker along a channel up to the cycle clamp. Any number of cycle lockers can be linked together to create mass storage. In addition, the cycle lockers can also be positioned back to back. The great flexibility allows you to choose your own combinations and lengths! The standard cycle locker is suitable for securing with a user’s padlock and with coin return, coin retain and Euro-profile lock options.

The cycle lockers come with a hasp and staple as standard for use with a padlock, however other options are available on request including Euro-cylinder integral lock and coin return mechanism.

Cycle Locker Dimensions

The width of the cycle locker is 780mm, the length being 2085mm and the height 1433mm.

For more information about the FalcoSafe cycle locker or any other product from our cycle parking collection, please contact our helpful sales team on (01538) 380080.

Customer Service & Technical Support

Our customer services team are on hand to offer product guidance and technical support. 

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