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European Installation of the Month - University of Southern Denmark

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This month we travel to one of the worlds most cycling friendly nations. In fact, a country boasting over 12,000 kilometres of cycle path and are the closest rivals to the Netherlands for cycling popularity and immense cycle parking infrastructure. This month we travel to the Scandinavian country of Denmark!

Denmark has been a fundamental part of Falco’s customer base and a growth area for a number of years and we are proud to report back on a recent installation at one of the countries leading Universities, a University ranked within the world’s top 50 higher education establishments!

The University of Southern Denmark, formerly known as Udense University, is the country’s third largest (and third oldest) university. With over 30,000 students, a requirement for additional secure cycle parking became apparent earlier this year when the availability of cycle parking spaces became non existent. Falco was contacted by the University to provide a series of secure cycle parking with no lifting required for 300 bikes using a traditional cycle rack and shelter design.

Following a free site visit and free rendering graphic the University chose the new Falco-DK designer cycle rack combined with the popular FalcoGamma double sided cycle shelter. The image attached shows the new cycle rack and shelter duo in action, installed by the Falco Danish team and already well in use by the University students and staff members. 

Feedback from students to the University have been extremely positive with students commenting on the ease to use the cycler rack and wide availability of locking points to match different sizes of bikes.

For more information about the popular FalcoGamma cycle canopy, please contact our helpful sales team on 01538 380080. 

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