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European Installation of the Month – Raikurinne Housing Estate, Finland

Home Case Studies European Installation of the Month – Raikurinne Housing Estate, Finland

Despite the UK’s Brexit situation, Falco has strong links in many European countries where cycling is a much more established form of transport. Each month this year we will aim to bring you a project from one of our sister companies around Europe, so this month let’s go Finnish!

Elpac OY Kadunkalusteet is Falco’s partner in Finland and is another of Falco’s fastest growing export representatives, matching the growth of cycling within the country. Elpac has been distributing Falco products for many years and has since completed some of the largest cycle parking projects in Finland.

Pictured below is a smart FalcoGamma cycle canopy with A-11 cycle racks installed back in September 2010 at Raikurinne housing estate within the Finnish city of Vantaa. Over eight years later we decided to catch up on the former installation to see how it was coping with the Finnish winter weather and more predominantly the snow loading requirements over the last three notably harsh winters!  

The cycle shelter and associated cycle racks was installed by Elpac back in 2010 as part of a year long regeneration of the housing estate and over that time no maintenance or repairs have been carried out to the facility, other than an infrequent clean! 

Now eight years on, after continuous use all day every day, the robust cycle canopy and cycle racks are in as good of a condition now as when they were first installed! The image attached, taken on a crisp February morning, shows the tough cycle canopy easily withstanding an abundance of snow and still in an exceptionally good condition!

Finnish Cycle Parking Installations

Here is a link to some great projects undertaken by our partners, Elpac, featuring a wide range of cycle parking installations:

For more information about the Finnish installation please contact our helpful sales team on 01538 380080. All Falco European installations can be easily replicated in the UK with turnkey project management including free CAD design and site visits and a full supply and installation service.

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