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European Installation of the Month – Lets Go Italian

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This month we go to the capital of architecture, the home of food and drink excellence, the birthplace of balsamic vinegar and also a country that has just installed a really smart cycle hub. This month we go the to the middle of the Mediterranean sea, to a beautiful country called Italy.

The Italians are best known for their historic culture, religion, art and wine, but we think they should also be known for their great taste in really functional cycle hubs, such as this one, just installed by Falco for Modena City Council.

Located in the heart of the City at Modena railway station, this FalcoScandic cycle hub was commissioned by the City Council to upgrade the existing outdoor cycle stands into a secure hub to park up to 60 bikes.

The cycle hub makes use of the ultra secure - and Europe’s leading two-tier cycle rack - the FalcoLevel-Premium+. Providing universal cycle parking with multiple locking points, the innovative two-tier cycle rack was the City Councils first choice to provide rail passengers with practical cycle parking.

The two-tier cycle racks are housed in the latest FalcoScandic cycle hub, a purpose built shelter offering the perfect balance between design and rigidity. A recent addition to the Falco portfolio, the FalcoScandic is capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions, such as areas where high snow loading and strong winds are a critical issue.

Like all Falco cycle shelters, the FalcoScandic is manufactured to current UK and European law for all shelters and meets the BS EN 1090 regulation being CE Marked to suit.

Both the FalcoScandic and two-tier cycle racks are manufactured from 100% recyclable hot-dip galvanised steel to in the Falco manufacturing plant to both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 European manufacturing standards. 

Feedback from cyclists to the station have been extremely positive, with passengers commenting on the ease to use the upper tier and wide availability of locking points to match different sizes of bikes.

For more information about the exclusive FalcoScandic cycle hub or Europe’s leading two-tier cycle rack, please contact our helpful sales team on 01538 380080. 

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