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Cycle and Bin Stores for Higgins Construction

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Falco has a long trading history with Higgins Construction and completed a number of high profile projects on their behalf. At this prestigious Granville Road site, Higgins used the FalcoLok store for its versatility and quality, and as Londoners are keen cyclists, wanted a robust and secure solution.

The FalcoLok in its different sizes was an ideal solution for securely storing all of the residents cycles in the various locations on the site. The residents also wanted a store for their bins and so the FalcoLok series was a perfect choice because of its multi-purpose functions. Both bicycles and bins were safely locked out of site which created a tidy and secure area

Falco also supplied all of the brick built garden store flat steel roofs, so as to be in keeping with the cycle stores nearby. Each roof had to be made to measure as many of the garden stores were bespoke to each individual property.

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