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Bristol’s New Ambitious Digital Hub for Businesses Receives Falco’s Ultra Secure Two-Tier Cycle Racks

Home Case Studies Bristol’s New Ambitious Digital Hub for Businesses Receives Falco’s Ultra Secure Two-Tier Cycle Racks

A prominent Bristol city centre building known as ‘The Pithay’ is being transformed into a creative new hub for the burgeoning number of tech and digital businesses in the city.

The development represents the biggest speculative office renovation scheme currently being developed in the city. 

As part of the ambitious project, Falco was approached by the client to provide a new dedicated cycle hub, capable of securely accommodating 152 cycles utilising our high density two-tier cycle rack. To compliment the cycle racks a convenient FalcoFix 2.0 cycle repair station was commissioned, incorporating a number of useful tools along with a cycle pump, allowing employees of the many individual tech businesses to carry out basic cycle maintenance whilst on the go.


Falco provided the client with a free site survey, free CAD design, free rendering graphics to visualise the scheme as well as complete manufacture, supply and installation to final sign off.

Moving forward, the two-tier cycle racks  and cycle repair station are designed to be maintenance free providing minimal cost of ownership to the client (only occasional cleaning required) and additionally should there be any unforeseen damage, the modular nature of each structure means that replacing any damaged items is simple to undertake.

The image attached shows the new array of two-tier cycle racks within the ‘L’ shaped cycle hub incorporating 152 cycle spaces, cycle repair station and showers.

FalcoLevel-Premium+ Two-Tier Cycle Rack

The FalcoLevel Premium+ is an innovative and user friendly cycle parking system which accommodates twice the number of bicycles compared to any other traditional cycle rack or stand.

Manufactured from robust steel and aluminium, creates a significant reduction in noise pollution, is smoother to operate and is just as easy to park a bike on the upper rack as the lower rack.

for more information about the innovative two-tier system please click here.

FalcoFix 2.0 Cycle Repair Station

The FalcoFix 2.0 transforms a traditional bicycle pump into a convenient repair and maintenance station for all types of bikes. Ideal for stations, cycle hubs and other dedicated cycle parking facilities, the FalcoFix features a number of useful tools to carry out basic cycle maintenance.

For more information about the FalcoFix 2.0 please click here.

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