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Bespoke Seating Systems for Hengelo City Centre!

Home Case Studies Bespoke Seating Systems for Hengelo City Centre!

Commissioned by the City Council of Hengelo, Netherlands, Falco worked with Dutch designers IPV Delft to design and manufacture four bespoke seating systems for Hengelo city centre, in the district of Overijssel.

Street Furniture with Multiple Features
The idea of the project was to design a single piece of street furniture that could consolidate multiple features into one, instead of purchasing and installing separate street furniture items.

Based upon the popular FalcoLinea series of street furniture, Falco manufactured four extra large seating systems consisting of three units: a bench without back, a seat with back and planter. The seats are manufactured from hardwood and recyclable galvanised steel with distinctive orange infill panels.

Having recently installed the benches in Hengelo, the end result was welcomed by the City Council and members of the public. The four bespoke seating systems work exceptionally well in urban areas such as cities and town centres where space for street furniture items may be strictly limited.

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