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Spacious FalcoLok Electric Mobility Scooter Canopy

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At the Hoven senior citizens complex, Falco has recently installed a spacious scooter canopy with a green sedum roof with two spacious doors so that residents can park their scooters in a safe and dry environment. The Client, Centrada, opted for a custom-made FalcoLok roof which both meets the EN1090 regulations as well as supporting an environmentally friendly green roof.

At 16m wide and 7m deep, the canopy provides a spacious area where more than 20 mobility scooters can be parked inside the canopy. The construction of the shelter is made from structural steel roof frames with a specially strengthened roof section to withhold the green sedum roof.

A green sedum roof has a huge number of advantages, such as insulation for both heat and noise. Additionally a sedum roof both reduces water discharge as well as compensating for CO2 emissions. A further benefit of green roof systems is that they traditionally last longer than a usual roof covering and offer a natural view for residents on numerous floors.

In keeping with the ‘green’ theme, for the wall cladding, FSC® certified hardwood slats were chosen, however it is also possible to use over ten other materials for the wall cladding. Additionally the scooter shelter was equipped with two extra wide doors which can be opened for wide accessibility and locked for security.

Falco shelters and canopies are universal in design and can be used for a wide range of purposes. From cycle shelters and cycle hubs to secure mobility storage, bin stores, smoking shelters and waiting shelters. Please contact our helpful sales team to start designing a Falco shelter around your scheme on 01538 380080.

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