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New Video - from ‘home to hub’ - an Integrated, App-based, End-to-end Cycle Parking Journey using the new FalcoSmart App
FalcoSmart Home to Hub Video Photo
News & Blog 29 Jun 2021

Our new ‘home to hub’ video demonstrates the latest development of our FalcoSmart App - a complete app-based system enabling Councils to provide a secure, keyless, end-to-end journey for their residents - from their home to their local hub using a single app.

The ‘home to hub’ video explains how the FalcoSmart system enables a user/resident to access their local bike hangar, cycle to and access their local bike hub, as well as locking their bike, using only app-enabled smart locks.

Works with all Cycle Parking Facilities

The access control/locking system is suitable for all cycle parking facilities including; bike hangars, cycle lockers, bike stores and hubs. The smart locks can also be retrofitted into existing cycle parking infrastructure including; all UK bike hangar designs, cycle hubs where tradition maglock systems are used and other cycle parking facilities, so that all existing residential cycle parking networks operated by Councils can be converted to an app-based smart system. Additionally, the app can also be operated in tandem with existing mechanical systems.

Features and Benefits

The FalcoSmart App now provides secure locking for all cycle parking facilities and the features and benefits include;

  • Everything on a single app – no need for multiple keys, fobs and swipe cards.
  • Works with all cycle parking facilities – hangars, hubs, stores and lockers.
  • Backwards compatible – can be retrofitted into all existing UK bike hangars and hubs.
  • Easy to use – with hands-free/handle-less locking.
  • Optional smart padlocks – for use with bike hire and cargo bike schemes.
  • Cloud based - no wi-fi connection required.
  • Open to all – Android and Apple iOS compatible.
  • User management – access rights controlled from remote management system.
  • Usage planning – comprehensive back-office provides full statistical data.
  • Booking systems – has optional integrated booking system.
  • App API – integrates with other app based systems.
  • Cost effective – cheaper than using traditional locking systems.
  • Secure and patented technology (application number GB2012118.2).

All Falco locking products can be supplied with smart locking access, including the FalcoPod bike hangarFalcoHubFalcoCargobox as well as the new completely handle-less FalcoPod bike hangar as seen here in our latest video

For more information about the FalcoSmart App and how we could implement this in your local cycle parking network please contact our technical sales team on 01538 380080. 

Customer Service & Technical Support

Our customer services team are on hand to offer product guidance and technical support. 

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