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Falco Continues with the Roll-out of the UK’s Leading Smart Bike Hangar Design for Brighton & Hove City Council

Home Case Studies Falco Continues with the Roll-out of the UK’s Leading Smart Bike Hangar Design for Brighton & Hove City Council

This month, Falco began a new roll-out of the UK’s leading smart bike hangar design with integrated mobile app access for Brighton & Hove City Council, adding a further 40 hangars across the city.

The first 100 FalcoPod bike hangars have already been installed, providing 600 cyclists across the city with a secure dedicated cycle parking space, directly accessible from their own smartphone.

The new roll-out of 40 hangars will increase capacity by a further 200 cyclists, providing a city wide network of 800 secure cycle parking spaces.  

Each futuristic bike hangar - the first of its kind in the UK, provides Brighton residents with quick and easy accessibility via the users smartphone. The user simply downloads the app, registers for a space, is granted accessibility via the back office and then can access their chosen hangar within seconds. For users without a smartphone, a physical key can be supplied instead.

The images attached show the new smart residential bike hangar installations, supplied with bespoke Brighton & Hove City Council branding graphics, installed across Brighton at locations including Balfour Road, Ewhurst Road, Ewhurst Road, Palmeria Square and Waterloo Street.

As well as manufacture and installation, Falco is also providing a fully managed service with both app and key rental management for the residents and bike hangar maintenance on behalf of the Brighton & Hove City Council Highways and Infrastructure team.

The Falco Rentals website enables Brighton residents to look for free spaces in the bike hangar network, book an available space and pay online, all in one place. The Falco Rentals website also provides a useful video along with other ideas and tips on safely looking after a bike.

In addition to the Bike Hangars for Brighton & Hove City Council shown here, Falco also provide a fully managed service of Bike Hangars for a number of other Council’s across the UK including; London Borough SouthwarkLondon Borough of CamdenLondon Borough of Merton, Bath and North East Somerset Council and Sheffield City Council.

The smart FalcoPod bike hangar as shown here in Brighton, is a simple and effective cycle parking facility designed to meet the needs of cyclists who don’t have access to private cycle parking facilities. Operating like a giant bread bin, each hangar is a secure and lockable unit capable of accommodating up to six bikes each.

For more information about the FalcoPod Bike Hangar, the FalcoPod Bike Hangar service or your cycle parking scheme, please contact our helpful sales team on 01538 380080. 

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