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Community Campaign Group, 'Climate Action Ilkley', Takes Delivery of New FalcoCargoBox, Providing Secure Cargo Bike Storage

Home Case Studies Community Campaign Group, 'Climate Action Ilkley', Takes Delivery of New FalcoCargoBox, Providing Secure Cargo Bike Storage

Community campaign group, ‘Climate Action Ilkley’, has expanded its e-cargo bike hire scheme with the addition of a new FalcoCargoBox, providing secure storage for its fleet of cargo bikes.

This is now the second public Cargo Bike storage facility in the UK following the launch of the Beryl public cargo bike hire scheme in Hackney earlier this month and the FalcoCargoBox hangar has been fitted with a number of enhanced features including;

  • Two internal electric sockets providing a charging facility for each e-cargo bike.
  • A security lock to access the e-cargo bike hangar.
  • A stylish powder coated finish.
  • Distinctive branding graphics advertising the new facility to Ilkley residents.

Ilkley Cargo Bike Hire Locker

Located on Ilkley car park, on South Hawksworth Street, the new FalcoCargoBox has been commissioned on behalf of City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council and provides secure and sheltered cargo bike accommodation in a purpose-built design.

Local residents and visitors are now able to register with the charity to become a member and hire a cargo bike of their choice for free (with a donation recommended to cover upkeep).

The images attached here show the new FalcoCargoBox delivered and installed by Falco last week, on a sunny Autumn afternoon. The FalcoCargoBox is just one of four Cargo bike storage products produced by Falco with the full range as follows:

  • FalcoPod-Cargo – standard bike hangar without the bike racks.
  • FalcoCargoPod - as above with an extended back for longer cargo bikes.
  • FalcoCargoBox – specifically designed for larger cargo bikes as per the Ilkley scheme.
  • FalcoLok-Cargo – a walk in store with space for two large cargo bikes and additional equipment.

The scheme here for Climate Action Ilkley is the second FalcoCargoBox installation in the UK, with the first launch taking place last month in Hackney offering the UK’s first public cargo bike hire scheme, operated by Beryl Bikes on behalf of the London Borough of Hackney.

For more information about the FalcoCargoBox or how Falco can assist your cargo bike parking scheme, please contact our helpful sales team on 01538 380080.

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