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Co-ordinated Street Furniture for Middlesex University!

Home Case Studies Co-ordinated Street Furniture for Middlesex University!

Falco manufactured, installed and supplied a series of co-ordinated street furniture products for Middlesex University last month as part of two new outdoor seating areas. The products include FalcoBloc seating, benches, picnic tables, chairs and stools, FalcoSwing tables and modular FalcoSystem seating.

The products were separated into two seating areas as follows:

Paddock Area:

  • A series of three modular FalcoSystem seating designs made up of three curvaceous seats at 36° with backrest,  two curvaceous benches at 36° without backrest and three straight benches without backrest.

  • Four FalcoSwing hexagonal tables surface mounted.

Shepherd Area:

  • Two freestanding FalcoBloc picnic tables (open design).
  • Three FalcoBloc benches without back free standing.
  • Six FalcoBloc compact stools surface fixed.

All products are manufactured from sustainable hardwood with a galvanised steel frame making them very co-ordinated in design, sustainable and durable.

Sustainable Hardwood

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