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Capelle Centrum Metro Station is the Latest Dutch Transport Interchange to Receive Falco Cycle Racks and Electric Cycle Charging Points!

Home Case Studies Capelle Centrum Metro Station is the Latest Dutch Transport Interchange to Receive Falco Cycle Racks and Electric Cycle Charging Points!

Capelle Centrum Metro Station in the Netherlands is the latest Dutch Transport Interchange to receive an array of innovative Falco cycle parking systems and electric cycle charging points.

The Metro Station is located in the small town of Capelle aan den Ijssel, just east of Rotterdam in the Netherlands and is managed by Dutch Transport Operating Company ‘RET’. Falco was approached by the client to identify ways to make maximum use of the available space and ultimately provide a secure cycle hub for commuters and visitors to the station.

Falco’s technical cycle parking team identified a number of products to facilitate a cyclists journey as well as maximise the number of cycle spaces within the hub:

FalcoLevel-Premium+ Two-Tier Cycle Rack
A natural choice to enhance the amount of cycle spaces within any restricted area is to utilise the flagship FalcoLevel-Premium+ two-tier cycle rack. The FalcoLevel-Premium+ is well at home within any cycle hub - significantly increasing the amount of cycle spaces available without compromising on security. Falco manufactured, supplied and installed 272 secure two-tier cycle parking spaces at Capelle Centrum Metro Station.

Ideal 2.0 Cycle Rack
The cycle hub was also provided with more traditional cycle racks for cyclists unable to use the two-tier system. The Ideal 2.0 is an exceptionally user friendly cycle parking system capable of accommodating all types of bikes. Falco provided the cycle hub with 60 cycle spaces utilising the Ideal 2.0 system.

FalcoSound-Low Cycle Rack
No cycle hub is complete without providing secure accommodation for all types of bikes! The FalcoSound-Low is a cost-effective and user-friendly solution to providing stable and effective cycle parking for cargo and crate bikes!

FalcoToaster Cycle Rack
Traditional Toaster cycle racks have also been incorporated into the cycle hub to enhance the flexible range of systems available to cyclists. Easy to use, easy to secure a bike to and exceptionally durable, the FalcoToaster cycle rack is always a popular solution amongst cyclists.

FalcoIon Cycle Charging Points
As electric bikes gain in popularity every day, so does the requirement to provide secure charging points at convenient locations. The cycle hub includes Falco’s solution to this increasing demand. The FalcoIon cycle stand is a purpose built solution to charging a cyclists bike whilst remaining securely parked within a cycle hub. Each FalcoIon can accommodate up to two bikes and naturally includes two separate charging points.

For more information about the cycle hub at Capelle Centrum Metro Station or any of our cycle parking or shelter ranges, please contact our helpful sales team on 01538 380080.

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