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FalcoPathfinder Cycle Path LED Demarcation Light

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Click here to see a video of the FalcoPathfinder in action.

The FalcoPathfinder is a tried and tested, low cost, solar powered LED cycle path and demarcation light. The standalone unit provides outstanding wayfinding assistance for dedicated cycle tracks or enhances road marking for traffic demarcation purposes, segregating cyclists from vehicular traffic.

The FalcoPathfinder is very simple to install into the road surface, 3.5mm deep, using a two part adhesive which dries within 30 minutes and can withstand temperatures from -40 to +80 degrees Celsius. The system is completely resistant to heavy vehicles such as lorries, gritters and road sweepers. Additionally the LED-Mark can be designed to be screwed into a wooden surface. The system is completely wireless, without the need of cables, wires or an electricity supply and is completely self-sufficient with solar cells and a lithium polymer battery that lasts a minimum of 5 years. The system is very easy to replace without the need to provide road repair work.

The system is available in white, red, blue, green or yellow lights.

The FalcoPathfinder has been a huge success in the Netherlands with recent installations in the Dutch cycling city of Den Bosch and the Dutch towns of Uden and Raalte.

A breakdown of features and benefits of the FalcoPathfinder include:

  • Lights up when it gets dark (programmed when delivered)
  • Can light for up to 4000 hours without charging.
  • A battery life of between 5-10 years.
  • Visibility distance: over 1km (over 0.6 miles) in the dark.
  • Programmable with one to four built-in LED lights, colours; white, yellow, green, blue and red.
  • Management programme can bedesigned to operate different lights at different times.
  • Intelligent on/off switch (sleep function).
  • Charging possible when the sun is in a position of 10 degrees over the horizon.
  • Intelligent battery charging, so that even small amounts of sunlight charges the battery.
  • Frost warning option: blinking 2Hz in temperatures of +2°C to -10°C.
  • Provides small light at dusk increasing to full power at night.
  • Completely wireless without the need for cables, wires or an electricity supply.
  • Waterproof IP 68 (can withstand seawater).
  • Withstands temperatures ranging from -40 to +80 degrees Celsius.
  • Designed to operate through the three month long Nordic Winters.
  • Robust design to withstand a load of up to 20 ton.
  • Resistant to heavy vehicles such as; lorries, snow ploughs, road sweepers and gritters (when set flush into the surface).
  • Simple to install - takes minutes (glued on top of surface or embedded flush into the road surface).
  • More cost effective than other products by being placed farther apart.
  • Directional light aids wayfinding also means no light pollution.
  • Have much less impact on wildlife than traditional lighting.
  • No operational costs
  • Can serve to highlight barriers / bollards in the path, changes in alignment and the edge of a path adjacent to a river.

The FalcoPathfinder is an exceptionally easy product to install within a couple of minutes, watch our installation video to see how:

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