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Falco Solarcycle e-Bike Solar Charging Station

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Falco's Solarcycle e-bike charger is a new groundbreaking product designed to help organisations meet and exceed their sustainability targets and obligations, with a smart modular solar charging solution that can be tailored to any situation and scale.

The innovative solar charger powers the switch to clean electric transport with the easiest, quick impact and cost-effective off-grid solar charging points for e-bikes. Falco develops and installs scalable, off-grid e-bike solar charging stations to help organisations achieve their sustainability, transport and employee well-being goals. 

Environmental and Economic Impact
Approximately, 60% of journeys made in the UK are less than 5 miles and an average e-bike travels 60 miles on just 1kWh of energy. The Falco Solarcycle e-bike charger deliver many kilowatts of this sustainable energy to staff and visitors, providing a measurable reduction in tonnes of CO2 for any organisation.

Solar Powered eBike Charger

The annual CO2 savings from carbon-free commuting with e-bike travel and Solarcycle charging are substantial. An organisation with 25 employees and a 15% e-bike adoption rate can save 3,252,000g of CO2 annually. This saving increases to 16,260,000g of CO2 for an organisation with 100 employees and reaches a staggering 731,700,000g of CO2 for an organisation with 4,500 employees. These savings scale up with larger organisations, demonstrating the system's significant potential impact on reducing carbon footprints.

A vast 67.7m tonnes of CO2 is generated by commuter car traffic in the UK every year. The Falco Solarcycle software provides clients with accurate, daily, monthly and yearly reports of Clean kWh’s served and Carbon emitting Miles reduced.

Falco's Solarcycle charger is setting a new benchmark in sustainable travel with a solar-powered e-bike charging solution. This innovative product addresses the growing demand for eco-friendly commuting, offering a cost-effective and disruption-free system that benefits both the environment and employees. By harnessing 100% renewable energy, organisations can track their sustainability progress and make a tangible impact on reducing carbon emissions.

Falco SolarCycle Co2 Reporting

Key Features and Benefits

• 100% Renewable Energy: The Falco Solarcycle e-bike charging station use solar energy, providing free and sustainable power for e-bike users.

• No Mains Connection Required: The system is entirely off-grid, eliminating the need for trench works or mains electrical connections. This feature significantly reduces installation disruptions and costs.

• Environmental Impact: Falco Solarcycle’s unique Reporting Function tracks the kWh of solar energy dispensed, allowing organisations to estimate the carbonless miles generated. This transparency helps organisations monitor and report their sustainability progress.

• Cost Savings: By generating its own energy, the system incurs no ongoing energy costs, providing a cost-effective solution for e-bike charging.

Co2 Reporting Traceability
Falco's Solarcycle’s unique Reporting Function tracks the kWh of free, 100% renewable solar energy dispensed, enabling organisations to calculate how many carbonless miles have been generated by the organisation. As the only off-grid solar e-bike charging system with this feature, the Falco Solarcycle sets itself apart from the market.

Installing the Falco Solarcycle modular, off-grid solar e-bike chargers takes just minutes, with no expensive groundworks or mains connections required. Providing safe, affordable charging nearby to offices, public environments and workplaces.

Falco Solarcycle Shelter
Falco manufacture and install a wide range of shelters that can provide full shelter coverage for the Falco Solarcycle system. In addition, the shelter can provide the provision of cycle parking spaces, cargo bike spaces, helmet lockers, cycle repair stations, solar lighting and more. 

NHS Shared Business Services Framework Agreement
Falco UK is a proud member of the NHS Shared Business Services Framework Agreement to provide cycle parking facilities to the NHS and public sector bodies. The framework is free to access for UK Public Sector organisations and provides a quick, simple, and compliant procurement route to market for sustainable Transport and Infrastructure solutions for the NHS and the wider public sector.

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