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Falco Cycle Counter CB650

Click here to view our new Falco Cycle Counter video presentation.

The Falco Cycle Counter is an intelligent traffic management product designed to help local authorities proactively manage their cycle planning.

The CB650 is the first digital Cycle Counter in the UK.

By providing up to the minute data on cycle and vehicle use, management teams can plan and organise:

• effective cycle routes

• cycle path development

• signage and information systems

• cycle promotion campaigns

Additionally the Cycle Counter will:

•Increase awareness amongst cycling and non-cycling community.

•Provides a ‘talisman’ around which to build promotional campaigns.

•Provides a visible symbol of the Council’s commitment to alternative transport.

•Generates individual ‘buy-in’ from local people via a website and web feed plus optional Twitter RSS enabling them to follow the progress of their own counter personally.

•Enables data to be collected on a wide variety of vehicle movements.

At the core of the Falco Traffic Controller is a Generic Traffic Controller (GTC). This is an advanced traffic controller, with great flexibility, reliability and scalability and will interface with the latest high quality detector technology. The GTC can operate as a standalone unit or as part of an integrated networked system of controllers, interfacing with other Cycle Counters as well as a number of different types of traffic signs, ranging from simple flash lights and ‘lane markers’ to advanced information displays.

When configured as a Cycle Counter, the GTC can provide a number of functions depending on the configuration of the Counter. It is equipped with a modem for a SIM card use which provides a platform for mobile data to be exported to a central data collection system.

The purpose of the Falco Cycle Counter is to show the number of cyclists on a bicycle path. It shows the number of cyclists per day and year. At the top of the Counter there is a clock indicating time and date. On the reverse it is possible to show city map or other information, alternatively for a two-way bicycle path it is possible to have display on both side of the unit. Already installed for Cardiff County Council as well as in Copenhagen and Nijmegen, three very strong cycling areas, the cycle counter is already proving to be an effective tool in managing cycle traffic.

Falco has recently installed nine Cycle Counters and one Master Data Counter for Sustrans in Scotland, click here to read the full article.

Click here to see live Cycle Counter statistics from installations across Scotland and Cardiff.

For more information about the state-of-the-art Cycle Counter, please contact our technical sales team on 01538 380080.

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