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Falco Cycle Counter CB400

The CB400 cycle counter is a scaled down, simplified and more cost-effective version of the CB650 cycle counter. It provides a simple visualisation of cycle numbers both daily and cumulatively. The compact design of the CB400 fits the modern urban area where space might be limited. Unlike the CB650, the CB400 is single sided only.  

The visual simplicity of CB400 shows both daily and annual traffic figures to date. CB400’s slim design makes it possible to count cyclists, even where space is limited. To register cyclists we offer a tailored solution, configured according to customer’s needs:

To Count Cyclists on a Cycle Path

High counting accuracy for the detection of all types of bikes (steel, aluminium, carbon fibre) can be achieved when using fibre optic sensors.

To Count Bicycles in Mixed Traffic

Using PUR sensor loops, you can count cyclists in mixed traffic.

PUR loops are ideal for mixed vehicular traffic monitoring, where cars or other vehicles may also share the highway with the cycles. The use of loops is a tested and proven technology to obtain high counting accuracy in this environment where it is recommended to use high-sensitive loops. You can count bicycles in mixed traffic and classify bicycles and cars (axle based).

There is ample space to provide brand logos, map signage or tourist information.

Click here to see live Cycle Counter statistics from installations across Scotland and Cardiff.

For more information on the innovative counter, please contact our technical sales team on 01538 380080.

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