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Pocket Parks and Parklets by Falco
Pocket Parks and Parklets by Falco
News & Blog 18 Jul 2014

What is a Pocket Park?
A Pocket Park (sometimes referred to as ‘Parklets’ or ‘Mini Park’) is a European concept aimed at bringing park-like features to urban areas such as towns and cities. These are usually small and bespoke and designed to fit in unexpected areas such as car parking spaces. A Pocket Park is effectively a scaled down version of a park, incorporating a number of key features such as cycle parking, seating, planters, trees and flowers. Although Pocket Parks are usually no larger than a few car parking spaces, they can however be designed to meet any bespoke shape or size and can accommodate a wide range of park or garden features. Pocket Parks are becoming increasingly popular in higher density areas where the lack of greenery and outdoor seating areas are virtually none existent.

Falco Pocket Parks
Falco have the perfect product range to transform your roads and streets into modern pocket parks and parklet designs. Drawing on our Go-Dutch experience, our Pocket parks create a new concept in street design and provide an aesthetically pleasing streetscape offering seating, greenery and cycle parking. We have matching and co-ordinating street furniture including planters, litter bins, benches and bollards that fit around secure cycle stands.

Furthermore Falco has developed numerous bespoke seating designs over the past few years and is able to undertake the design of innovative seating products to accommodate, commemorate or celebrate an event to implement into your Pocket Park design. 

Bespoke seating systems previously undertaken include an illuminated space shuttle seat to commemorate Dutch astronaut Wubbo Johannes Ockels, bespoke seating systems for Hengelo City Centre, curvaceous seating for the Charles Dickens Centre in Portsmouth and a radical new urban development in Laren, Netherlands.

Please talk to our design team who will produce CAD schematics supported by images and photographs to suit your needs.

For more information about Falco Pocket Parks, Cycle Parklets or how Falco can assist your street furniture design scheme, please contact our helpful sales team on 01538 380080 or by email at

Customer Service & Technical Support

Our customer services team are on hand to offer product guidance and technical support. 

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