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Maintenance & Installation PDF Guide
Falco UK Maintenance and Installation PDF
News & Blog 12 Oct 2023

Falco has now bundled the knowledge about maintenance of materials for cycle parking facilities and street furniture products inside a downloadable PDF. 

Useful tips, safety, storage, what materials to clean and which cleaning agents to use are included within our comprehensive guide.

The downloadable PDF “Maintenance & Installation” also includes topics such as storage, placement and assembly and information about the construction of Falco products, including how you can maintain the commonly used materials in Falco's street furniture and cycle parking products to receive an extensive lifespan.

Click here to download the downloadable PDF guide

Falco is a manufacturer, supplier and installer of high quality cycle parking systems, cycle hubs, bike hangars, shelters, canopies, secure locable stores and street furniture. All products that are maintained correctly in accordance with Falco's Maintenance guide and associated Operation and Maintenance manuals, can withstand the impact of weather and general usage to ensure an extensive lifespan.




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