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Falco Integrates Qi e-Mobility Charging Services
QI Docking Station
News & Blog 28 Feb 2022

Falco has been working with Qi Managed services Ltd to integrate their ‘Dock Lock Charge’ e-bike/e-scooter charging stations within our hubs and hangars. ‘Dock Lock Charge’ goal is to implement a universal, Micromobility EV charging and docking standard, across UK towns and cities.

ARUP’s recent government report ‘Tomorrows Public Transport System’ Mobility hubs, note that docking stations and charging infrastructure should be designed to be universally used by multiple operators rather than proprietary solutions. The Dock Lock Charge solution is simple to implement and works by securely attaching a smart parking adapter to the eBike or eScooter and that’s it, your bike is compatible with the charging infrastructure.

Regardless of the make, model or type bike, person or hire scheme, the bike or scooter can now be charged. The solution allows for both e-bikes and e-scooters to be docked and charged in the same infrastructure, which helps create a standard for micromobility parking. This unique approach aims to help reduce street clutter, while the on-street charging should contribute towards a more sustainable way of charging vehicles, as well as significantly reducing the operational costs. Last year the solution was awarded ‘brand ambassador status” from the DFT/BPA National Park Active Strategy.

In its first UK implementation, shared Micromobility operator Ginger has partnered with Qi to launch multi-vehicle docking stations. As part of Ginger’s participation in the OZEV (Office for Zero Emission Vehicles) funded Innovate UK programme, Virgin Park & Charge (VPACH), Ginger and Qi are first establishing the stations in Middlesbrough, which represents another first for Middlesbrough, where Ginger, the Tees Valley Combined Authority, and Middlesbrough Borough Council launched the first UK e-scooter trial in July 2020.

Falco bike hangars and cycle hubs are able to integrate virtually any type of cycling related infrastructure and the ‘Dock Lock Charge’ charging ports integrate perfectly into the Falco range of cycle parking facilities giving local authorities a solution to developing multi-operator schemes within their borough.

More information about Dock Lock Charge  e-mobility charging services can be found here:

More information about Falco’s bike hangar range and integrated cycle hubs can be found here:, or for more information about the micromobility products and services available through Falco just call our Customer Services team on (01538) 380080 or email us at

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