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The Fourth LBWF Mini-Holland Hub Officially Opens at Lea Bridge Station!

Home Case Studies The Fourth LBWF Mini-Holland Hub Officially Opens at Lea Bridge Station!

The fourth state-of-the-art cycle hub has officially opened at Lea Bridge Road Station, providing additional secure cycle parking facilities to commuters within the London Borough of Waltham Forest. The sleek, stand-out cycle hub at Lea Bridge Road compliments the three existing cycle hub facilities installed within the borough, at; Walthamstow Central, Leytonstone and Wood Street Stations, which have all opened within the last year.

The new cycle hub at Lea Bridge Station provides cyclists with up 46 secure FalcoLevel-Premium+ Two-Tier cycle parking spaces with a FalcoFix 2.0 cycle repair station, information display, help point assistance, lighting, CCTV security and branding graphics, all in a sleek and spacious FalcoLok cycle hub design with integrated green sedum roof and powder coating in the attractive Cycle Waltham Forest colours.

Six more cycle hubs are to be installed throughout 2016/17 at the following locations:

Location Number of Spaces
Walthamstow Station Approach 80
Blackhorse Road Station 50
Chingford Station 28
Highams Park Station 28
St James Street Station 28
Leyton Station 120

Members of the public can now register for a membership of all the hubs costing just £10 per person per annum which provides excellent value and enables all economic groups within the borough to have an affordable cycle parking facility.

The day was shared with Abellio who had a celebration opening of the newly resurrected station at  Lea Bridge. Pictured at the opening of the cycle parking hub are; Brian Deegan, Paul Gasson, Mark Bland, Vala Valavan, Cllr Clyde Loakes, Chris Warner and Eric Duval.

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