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Secure Cycle Store for West London Mental Health NHS Trust!

Home Case Studies Secure Cycle Store for West London Mental Health NHS Trust!

Falco has recently designed, manufactured, supplied and installed a secure cycle store for the West London Mental Health NHS Trust! The store is based on the popular FalcoLok-250 design with powder coated steel mesh cladding, double doors and self closing gates. The cycle store is equipped with a five place FalcoToaster cycle rack providing secure accommodation for up to ten bikes. The FalcoLok-250 was chosen for its compact, space-saving design, enabling secure cycle parking for a maximum number of bicycles, whilst occupying minimum space.  

FalcoLok-250 Store

The smallest variation from the FalcoLok range of stores, the FalcoLok-250 is exceptionally sleek and unobtrusive in design and can be used for a variety of different purposes including a cycle store, sports equipment store, machinery store or bin store. There are a huge range of different cladding options available for the FalcoLok-250 design including hardwood, hardwood, steel mesh, perforated steel, expanded metal steel, corrugated iron, reinforced glass, polycarbonate and trespa panels with many more on request.

There is a huge range of customisable options available for the FalcoLok-250 store including single or double doors, the relocation of single or double doors, drainage positions, extensions in length, width or height, various locking mechanisms and numerous cladding options.

The store measures 2,500mm across the front x 3,980mm deep, with a door in the front section as standard (though it is optional to place one in the side). The store has an overall height of 2,250mm and a free head height of 2,100mm.

For more information about the FalcoLok-250 secure store, please contact our technical sales team on 01538 380080.

Customer Service & Technical Support

Our customer services team are on hand to offer product guidance and technical support. 

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