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New Eye-Catching FalcoLok Cycle Store!

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A new ‘artistic' cycle locker project recently took place at the De Schelf primary school in Gravendeel, in the Netherlands. Valtos Architects required an innovative and eye-catching secure store to encourage the use of cycling amongst its student base. Falco responded to this request by taking the traditional FalcoLok design a step further and used trespa wall panels to create a state-of-the-art cycle storage facility. The image attached shows the completed cycle store installation, using a combination of bold colours with the sleek FalcoLok design!


FalcoLok Store Range

The FalcoLok is a very versatile range of stores providing a lockable storage facility. Available in a modular range, the FalcoLok design can be supplied in 2,500mm, 3000mm or 5000mm modules - up to any size. Useful for storing a wide range of items such as; cycles, equipment, bins etc, the FalcoLok store is a robust and vandal resistant utilitarian product but with a great design.


The FalcoLok-250 is the smallest version of the FalcoLok range. It measures 2,500mm across the front x 3,980mm deep, with a door in the front section as standard (though it is optional to place one in the side). The store has an overall height of 2,250mm and a free head height of 2,100mm.


The FalcoLok-300 is a larger variant of the FalcoLok range measuring 3,120mm at the front x 3,980mm deep. The height is the same as for all the FalcoLok products - 2,250mm overall height and 2,100mm free head height.


The FalcoLok-500 is the biggest shelter of the FalcoLok family. With a standard module size of 4,990 mm across the front and a depth of 3,980 mm the FalcoLok 500 shelter is a very large equipment/cycle storage housed under a single roof span, without internal supports.

There are many installation photos of the FalcoLok store range available, so do get in touch with us to see the our gallery!

For more information about the FalcoLok range of stores, or any other product from our shelter and canopy collection, please contact our helpful sales team on (01538) 380080.

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