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New Era in Scottish Cycling

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The New Year has seen the start of ScotRail’s Cycle Innovation Plan with the roll-out of the first tranche of cycle parking facilities across the Abellio franchised network of over 300 stations throughout Scotland. Pictured here are two of the latest installations at Largs and Linlithgow Stations incorporating the latest FalcoLevel-Premium+ two-tier cycle rack.

The scheme, which got underway last July, involves the surveying of stations, proposing solutions and the manufacture, supply and installation of cycle parking systems to help implement Abellio ScotRail’s cycling strategy.

Two key products of the programme is the innovative FalcoLevel-Premium+ two-tier cycle rack and the spacious FalcoRail cycle canopy. The latest two-tier rack offers superior practicality compared to other cheaper models and is exceptionally user-friendly, quieter in operation and offers enhanced security. The FalcoRail cycle canopy was purposely designed to compliment the two-tier system and offers maximum coverage whilst promoting a open spacious and lightweight design and additional snow loading to cope with harsh Scottish Winters.

Transport Scotland awarded Dutch passenger transport group Abellio the opportunity to run the next ScotRail franchise in October 2014. A key element of the Abellio bid was to increase intermodal transport and central to this was a commitment to install over 3,500 cycle parking spaces within the first three years to increase cycle usage from 3% to 10%. Abellio’s commitment to deliver the UK’s most extensive cycle/rail network includes:

  • £1.6m investment in more cycle parking spaces to have 4,600 by 2017-18.
  • New, fully staffed Dutch style “CyclePoints” at the key city hubs, “CycleParks+” at five others and CycleParks at other stations.
  • Introduction of the Bike&Go cycle hire scheme.

For more information about the ScotRail cycle parking project please contact our helpful sales team on 01538 380080.


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