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Milton Keynes FalcoSafe Cycle Lockers a Great Success!

Home Case Studies Milton Keynes FalcoSafe Cycle Lockers a Great Success!

The new FalcoSafe cycle lockers at Milton Keynes Railway Station have proven to be a great success. Falco has had a close working with Milton Keynes Council for many years and the partnership has strengthened following the positive response from the users of the FalcoSafe cycle lockers.

Installation cycle lockers
Two years ago Falco installed 80 of FalcoSafe Round cycle lockers after high demand from regular commuters for a secure area to store bicycles. These cycle lockers proved to be a huge success after no bicycles were stolen or vandalised in these 2 years and word began to get around. More demand arose for the cycle lockers which prompted Milton Keynes Council to commission 70 more of the lockers which Falco installed last month.

Personal cycle locker
These cycle lockers were personalised with the ‘Cycle MK’ Milton Keynes logo and the cycle lockers are leased out to the public for a small annual fee. The demand for these lockers is so high that Milton Keynes still has a rented waiting list for more of the personalised cycle lockers to be installed at the station.

More about the FalcoSafe cycle locker
The FalcoSafe cycle Locker is a robust and secure cycle storage unit which protects bicycles and mopeds from the destructive effects of vandals and weather conditions. The steelwork is hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 to provide long lasting protection and Milton Keynes decided to have the doors powder coated in one of our many RAL colours. Any number of cycle lockers can be linked together and in addition, the lockers can also be placed back to back. This great flexibility allows you to choose your own combinations and lengths. The standard cycle locker is suitable for securing with a user’s padlock and with coin return.

Customer Service & Technical Support

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