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Hackney Central Overground Station Receives Bespoke Falco Cycle Hub with Secure Mobile App Access

Home Case Studies Hackney Central Overground Station Receives Bespoke Falco Cycle Hub with Secure Mobile App Access

This is the new sleek and inconspicuous cycle hub recently designed, manufactured, supplied and installed by Falco at Hackney Central Overground Station.

Greeting commuters to the west of the station, the 10m cycle hub has been fitted with a combination of both reinforced safety glass and sustainable hardwood cladding.

A series of 48 spaces of the FalcoLevel-Premium+ two-tier cycle rack have been installed along with a FalcoFix 2.0 cycle repair station, LED lighting, CCTV security, branding graphics, a green sedum roof and secure mobile app access. Falco also installed five separate TfL London cycle stands located outside of the cycle hub.

The green sedum roof, an increasingly popular feature for Falco shelters, supports the operators sustainable development plan by providing the many advantages associated with green roof systems as well as insulation for both heat and noise. A sedum roof both reduces water discharge as well as compensating for CO2 emissions.

The FalcoSmart mobile app access system uses Bluetooth technology to provide Hackney commuters with secure access to the cycle hub using their own smartphone or tablet, removing the need for physical keys and fobs. Commuters are able to apply for access to the hub via Falco and having downloaded the ‘App’ are given access rights to the cycle hub for a period of time depending on their subscription.

The images attached show the new cycle hub addition, installed to the west of the station, on Graham Road.

Hackney Central is a railway station located on the North London Line within Greater London, serving 4.3m annual passengers.   

Falco cycle hubs can also incorporate a world of features including; smart LED lighting, green sedum roofs, CCTV and Help Point facilities as well as numerous other cost-effective features for the cyclist such as lock holders, helmet lockers, seating and bike repair facilities.

For more information about the FalcoHub cycle store, a demonstration of the FalcoSmart app-based lock, the FalcoPod bike hangar or any other Falco product, then please speak to one of our friendly customer service staff on 01538 380080.

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