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Green Bespoke Cycle Hub for West 399 Apartments in Rotterdam

Home Case Studies Green Bespoke Cycle Hub for West 399 Apartments in Rotterdam

A new bespoke cycle hub, with vegetation at the heart of the design, is now a key talking point amongst residents at the West 399 Apartment Complex in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The new addition, based on the traditional FalcoLok design, has been designed, manufactured, supplied and installed by Falco this month and provides cyclists with secure cycle parking, all in a sleek and contemporary cycle hub design.

A key element of the scheme was for the cycle hub to accommodate a maximum amount of greenery to be sympathetic to the surrounding area. Therefore steel mesh cladding was chosen, coupled with trailing ivy and a roof capable of supporting green living sedum.

Ivy was particularly useful in this instance, capable of staying green all year round and never drying out and its leaves never fall off. The ivy was weaved in and out of the steel mesh cladding and is capable of filling each wall with complete floral vegetation.

Falco Green Cycle Hub with Vegetation

The green sedum roof, an increasingly popular feature for Falco shelters, supports the clients sustainable development plan by providing the many advantages associated with green roof systems as well as insulation for both heat and noise. A sedum roof both reduces water discharge as well as compensating for CO2 emissions. A further benefit of green roof systems is that they traditionally last longer than a usual roof covering and offer a natural view for residents of each apartment.

Falco Green Cycle Hub with Vegetation

In addition to the project as shown here at West 399 Apartments, the FalcoHub design has also been used across several other cycle parking schemes this year including Leicester City Council’s Leycroft Road depot, Ninewells Hospital & Medical School in Dundee, the first cycle hub in the UK to feature an app-based locking system for Bedford Town Council, a bespoke version for Salford Royal NHS and The Royal Oldham Hospital NHS and a flagship 16m bespoke version for Newham University NHS Hospital.

The FalcoLok as shown here at West 399 Apartments, is a contemporary cycle store manufactured from a combination of a galvanised steel frame and steel mesh, designed to be robust and long lasting. The cycle hub was developed by Falco’s in house design team to ensure it met the client’s specification including structural calculations so that the whole design meets the UK/European CPR regulations EN1090 and is CE marked as per UK law.

For more information about the scheme shown here at West 399 Apartments, or how Falco can assist your cycle parking scheme, please contact our helpful sales team on 01538 380080.

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