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Glory Park with FalcoSpan canopies

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This series of FalcoSpan canopies were installed over Christmas at Glory Park in High Wycombe. The architect took our modular FalcoSpan design and added wooden cladding around the uprights to add a touch of class enabling the shelter to blend perfectly with the building.

Flexible canopies
The FalcoSpan series of canopies offer great flexibility, useful for smoking shelters, cycle shelters, walkways and general shelters. An exceptionally attractive and open shelter, the FalcoSpan can cover every option.

Keeping natural
The blending of the FalcoSpan canopies with the building was important to upholding the idea of a natural environment as BAM stated that their aim was for the Park’s architecture to reflect and grow naturally out of the site’s features.
Because of Glory Park’s popularity and industrious nature, their demand for cycle parking was high which lead to their interest in the six bays of FalcoSpan canopies which Falco installed.

State of the art
Glory Park’s appeal comes from its pleasing combination of state of the art office space with a sympathetically landscaped and thoroughly natural environment. The result is a restful and dynamic workplace. The Park and its surrounding villages offer occupiers a rural setting with the world of commerce close to hand.

BAM Construction - Glory Park.

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