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Glasgow City Council Receive Ingenious FalcoCrea Cycle Stores

Home Case Studies Glasgow City Council Receive Ingenious FalcoCrea Cycle Stores

These are the ingenious FalcoCrea cycle lockers recently manufactured, supplied and installed by Falco at the Queens Cross Housing Association, Cedar Court, for Glasgow City Council. 

Providing secure cycle parking for up to four bikes per cycle locker, in an eye catching and compact design, the new FalcoCrea cycle lockers have been commissioned by the Council for the residents of Cedar Court to benefit from.

Each cycle locker features bold, distinctive branding on each side of the unit and strongly promotes cycling to residents of the housing association as an alternative mode of transport.

Feedback from residents of Cedar Court has been extremely positive with all cycle spaces being fully booked and a waiting list already in place due to overwhelming demand.

The FalcoCrea has proven to be a highly popular cycle locker since its launch last year providing local authorities with a cycle parking solution which answers three common problems; security, spacing footprint and branding. The FalcoCrea is designed to provide maximum security, within a compact space saving design and fully capable to incorporate branding to promote cycling as a principal mode of transport.  

The ingenious cycle locker has already been commissioned for a number of schemes across the UK including recent installations at; The Social Bite Village in Edinburgh, Rouken Glen Park in Glasgow, Barra Airport and Oban Airport.

With the use of an electric cycle charging point (FalcoCrea+), the cycle locker can be transformed into a convenient charging hub for electric bikes whilst retaining all of the benefits from the standard model.

For more information about the ingenious FalcoCrea cycle locker please contact our helpful sales team on 01538 380080.

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