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Falco Installs Twenty Cycle Leaning Rails Across the Cycling City of Horsens, Denmark

Home Case Studies Falco Installs Twenty Cycle Leaning Rails Across the Cycling City of Horsens, Denmark

This month, Falco travels to Denmark to meet our colleagues, Jane and Malene, who run the Danish Falco office. Our Danish team have just overseen a key project involving the installation of twenty FalcoSupp cycle leaning rails, which have been installed across the Danish cycling city of ‘Horsens’. Commissioned by Horsens City Council, the cycle leaning rails are strategically positioned at all key junctions across the city.

The new additions facilitate a cyclists journey by providing a convenient hand and foot rest which can be used by a cyclist when stationed at a junction. The support rails allow the cyclist to remain seated and to re-commence a cycle ride with little effort . This is particularly useful for eBike riders, whereby the size and weight of the bike may result in additional unwanted pressure on the cyclist.

Horsens City Council anticipate by investing in new cycle infrastructure, such as the FalcoSupp cycle leaning rail, will promote a cycling friendly environment and increase the amount of cycling journeys across the city.

The image attached shows one of the twenty new additions well at use on the 451 junction onSønderbrogade road.

The simple, yet effective design of the FalcoSupp features two supports, one allowing the cyclist to grasp with their hands and the other with their feet.

The FalcoSupp is an added value product designed to facilitate a cyclists journey and to stimulate the flow of traffic by encouraging the cyclist to remain seated rather than dismounting at key junctions.

As shown here, the FalcoSupp can be branded with a council, cycling scheme or company logo or even provide additional information such navigational route guidance or key cycling destinations.

For more information about the FalcoSupp cycle leaning rail please click here or contact our helpful sales team on 01538 380080.

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