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Falco Completes the Second Floor of the UK’s Largest Ever Cycle Hub at Cambridge Station!

Home Case Studies Falco Completes the Second Floor of the UK’s Largest Ever Cycle Hub at Cambridge Station!

Work on installing the final floor of the UK’s most prestigious CyclePoint with a number of secure cycle parking systems has been completed by Falco bringing the cycle hub to full capacity. The second floor of the cycle hub boasts an additional 1,230 bikes utilising the FalcoLevel-Premium two-tier cycle rack, FalcoVert semi-vertical cycle rack and traditional Sheffield cycle Stands.

Cambridge CyclePoint is the largest cycle hub in the UK incorporating 3,000 cycle parking spaces - that’s three times bigger than the previous largest cycle hub at Chelmsford station! Spread out over three large floors, Cambridge CyclePoint marks a milestone for cyclists and pedestrians who commute within the city.

The final phase will see the opening of the cycle shop, in March or April. On completion, the CyclePoint will provide parking for over 2850 cycles over three floors, will be free to use, open 24/7 and feature state of the art CCTV and customer help points.

Access between the floors is by a shallow-stepped cycle ramp from the front entrance, with a separate pedestrian exit giving direct access to the Station Square and the station itself. All three floors are covered by an extensive CCTV system, which can be monitored from the station and will provide recorded images to prosecution standard. Help points will also be located on each floor, connected to the Communications Centre in the station. CyclePoint will be open round the clock, 7 days a week, to allow cyclists arriving on the last trains or departing on the first trains the following morning plenty of time to access their bikes. CCTV and security inspections will continue to monitor the facility throughout the night. Furthermore, all parking within CyclePoint will be free of charge to the user.

For more information about the project at Cambridge CyclePoint, please contact our helpful sales team on 01538 380080.

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