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Cycle store for Merton Road, London

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This Christmassy snowy scene features one of Falco’s most popular products, the FalcoTel secure store. After popular demand from local residents for a secure cycle store, their request was answered by the successful addition of the FalcoTel cycle store to their area.

Cycle store and more
This Falco shelter has proved a triumph to the residents of Merton Road as more and more people in the neighbourhood are keen to take advantage of the FalcoTel cycle store. It is not only being used as a bicycle store but also as a secure store for various equipment for those without the free space.

Popular range of shelters
The FalcoTel range is a popular modular shelter capable of meeting most applications. There are a wide number of configurations of the FalcoTel family from a simple open canopy or double sided unit to a secure store or a wall mounted canopy.

This particular shelter is known as the FalcoTel-K store which is the securest of all stores in the FalcoTel range. The FalcoTel-K is slightly deeper than the standard range and is ideal as a cycle store enabling cyclists to manoeuvre their bikes in and out safely. The FalcoTel-K shelter also comes complete with a Euro profile cylinder lock to create the secure store.

Sandwood Design & Build – Merton Road, London.

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