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Contemporary FalcoRail Cycle Canopy and Two-Tier Cycle Racks for Cumbria County Council

Home Case Studies Contemporary FalcoRail Cycle Canopy and Two-Tier Cycle Racks for Cumbria County Council

This is the attractive FalcoRail cycle canopy and two-tier FalcoLevel cycle racks Falco recently manufactured and installed for Cumbria County Council.

Using our popular FalcoLevel two-tier cycle parking system and our spacious FalcoRail cycle canopy, 24 secure cycle parking spaces have been created in just 5m, providing secure cycle parking and peace of mind for visitors to the Parkhouse Building in Carlisle.

The FalcoLevel two-tier cycle rack was chosen for its compact and space-saving design which is a proven product in solving high demand for cycle parking spaces in restricted areas.

FalcoLevel Two-Tier Cycle Parking System

The FalcoLevel was developed over 8 years ago in response to the congestion problems that the increase in cycling was bringing. By introducing a two-tier system, it allowed twice as many cycles to be accomodated within the same space frame. Since then 40,000 FalcoLevel two tier cycle racks have been manufactured and installed across the UK for rail stations, collages, universities, shopping centres, car parks and purpose designed cycle hubs.

The popular FalcoLevel has been installed for a number of flagship projects across the UK, these include: the UK’s first Cycle Hub at Leeds City Station, the UK’s largest CyclePoint at Chelmsford Station utilising 1,000 spaces, bespoke cycle hubs for the London Borough of Waltham Forest Mini Holland Project, Hull Cycle Hub and the new redeveloped Derby Midland Rail Station, as well as over 400 rail stations across the UK.

For more information about the innovative FalcoLevel two-tier cycle rack, please contact our helpful sales team on 01538 380080.

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