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Cambridge City Council Install First Series of FalcoCam Cycle Stands

Home Case Studies Cambridge City Council Install First Series of FalcoCam Cycle Stands

Cambridge City Council has installed the first series of FalcoCam cycle stands providing additional secure cycle parking to the City centre!

The FalcoCam cycle stand was developed in conjunction with the cycling team at Cambridge which provides a solution to a number of on street issues as well as incorporating as many features a cyclist could hope for. 

After previous cycle stand batches, Falco was asked to put a reverse crank into the tube so that the submerged part goes parallel with the ground. This makes installation easier with coring holes and not having to excavate at angles.

The new racks have been installed outside the Cambridge University Press bookshop in St Mary’s Street.

FalcoCam Cycle Stand

Here are just some of the features and benefits of the FalcoCam cycle stand:

  • Provides up to six locking points.
  • Cycle are stored in neater rows than with Sheffield Stands.
  • A ‘high/low’ system accommodates more cycles than Sheffield Stands.
  • Added locking eyes which improves locking provision for front forks.
  • Added mid rail providing improved locking provision for rear wheel/frame.
  • Lower wheel holders providing better accessibility with no lifting required.
  • Wide wheel holder providing better usability for all tyre sizes.

For more information about the new FalcoCam cycle stand, please contact our helpful sales team on 01538 380080.

Customer Service & Technical Support

Our customer services team are on hand to offer product guidance and technical support. 

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