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Bike shelter and bollards for UCD

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Bowler bollards and FalcoLite shelter for University College Dublin UCD dates its origin from the foundation in 1851 of the Catholic University of Ireland. Since the 1960s, the campus has been extensively developed as UCD has responded to the increased demand for university places and the need for specialist academic and student facilities. UCD is now the largest university in Ireland, offering a comprehensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. It’s student population is over 18,600 of which approximately 25% are students engaged in postgraduate study and research.

The 316 grade stainless steel Bowler bollards have been chosen as the specified bollard for the campus and are fitted through out the campus.

Bicycle shelter
The FalcoLite 76.3 bicycle shelters along with the Falco A-11 bicycle stands with add on supports is the bicycle facilities of choice for the University because of their attractive design and ease of use.

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